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Mar 28, 2003
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Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
I came to this forum thinking I could get help from time to time and to also add my two cents. I think I'll add my two cents now as it has gotten me little help when I needed it most.

I have posted several different problems and have gotten little to no response. I'm very disenchanted knowing I'm not in your clique and dont expect to be. If you treat all newcomers this way, its no wonder they dont come back.

So with that said.........please delete my sign in name from your registry as this will be my LAST post.......thx and have a nice day!!!
yep id have to agree with you it doesnt look like you got much help sorry. i didnt answer it was not because i didnt want to help you it was because i couldnt work anything out from the picture you showed all i could see where some leaves. also i dont have any info on Crypts and Vals or i would have lept in. you can check any of my posts i will try and answer any quesion from any one who asks.
lol jamnong. Hey fishmetodeath take oit easy man. You have to remember there aren't that many people on this forum. The majority of the people here are beginners lloking for help and there are only a handful that are very experienced. Most other fish forums that i have been too have even less number of members. I always and still do think this is one of the best forums around. Everyone was very welcoming wen i joined.
Sorry you feel that way - we do try to answer all questions, but sometimes a couple of questions may fall by the wayside. That isn't because we don't want to answer, it just got missed. If this has happened to you, then I apologise. The best thing to do if it does happen is to pm a moderator and then you can be sure of a reply. It would be a shame for you to leave, so why don't you stick around and see how it goes.
also, something I have done in the past it
my question back to the top of the list....sometimes they get burried pretty quick,
I would hate to lose you :/ ...I know you have helped me in the past, and I have been out of pocket for the past 3 weeks or so....I didn't see your questions, although I am pretty new and learning.
Yes i agree....don't go. I think you will find, just as I did, the difference between knowing the path, and walking the path.

But seriously, this is by far the most pleasant and enjoyable board i have been to. At the other places if you ask a question about a Val for instance, people will probably come back with WTF do you keep Vals. They are so dumb. Stuff like that i have encountered at almost every other board. Not here. i say :


:thumbs: :flowers: :thumbs: :hooray: :thumbs:
Just adding my bit - as a newcomer to the hobby, my posts are mainly beginner questions. If i knew the answers to the other posts i wouldn't hesitate to help, just as i have been helped.

Again, as a newbie i have no complaints here :p and will be posting more questions!

Oh and by the way, what do i do if..................................................... :D
Well I was going to refrain from this thread as I hate to see any member upset enough to want to leave, but I now feel I have to say something.
We are a community of helping people. With that said, let me ask a question. How much do you help those who dont help themselves. Now before anyone takes that statement the wrong way let me explain. How many questions get posted everyday, of those questions how many people have actually made an attempt to find the answer in cyber land.
If you post a question and it doesnt get answered, do a little research. If you are uncertain of what you are dealing with then ask what might this be.
There are dozens of fish illness sites out there and you can search them allday long.
Dont get me wrong, we are here to help, but helping yourself is the first step to being sucessful.
If a post doesnt get answered then by all means PM a mod with the question
Now fishme, I went back and re read the post about the fluff on the angel........why were you so quick to dismiss the reply. Seems to me that it wasnt the answer you was looking for so you simply dismissed it.
We all need to learn from one another, if we dont we will never thrive as aquarisits. And I will be the first to tell you that you can and if you open your eyes will learn something everyday.
I am sorry that you feel you have to leave. That is your choice, no one will force you to stay. I will say that if you decide to stay that maybe you would be a patient with other members

this might sound silly but i read all the topics with the most interestin titles first......and if they are thriving with replies then im on them ones all night....the rest get missed.....quite innocently tho

so my advice is......GET YA TOPIC A CATCHY TITLE

Tek :fish:

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