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Goodbye!!! Farewell!! Happy Fishkeeping! (If you have any!).

Dodgy Chap! He was. :nod:

come to think of it r u really gonna remove him from this forum? maybe u should cause he might cause trouble since he wanted to leave
people seem to have extrapolated an awfull lot from this guys "im slightly disgruntled and im off" style goodbye note. im shure he was in a bad mood about something else and this just tipped the scale on occasion ive thaught ive had enough of something and gone of in a huff. its not that he hates us or anything he just thaught that he was notgetting what he wanted. people will allways expect something different from things. i feel sory for him after all his fish keeping experience prolly didnt go so well and he was looking for help. i know he might have been expecting something he may not have gone to much effort for but i think a bit of empathy is ...oh hold on look you got me doing it now.. . i expect he is harrasing some poor people on planet catfish or something. i wouldnt worry too much.
Kevin! You have a new avatar again -- cute!

Well, guys, you just can't please all the newbies all the time, and that's a fact. That's the second disgruntled customer I've seen in the last couple of days, but you know, I've seen lots of questions posted with few or no answers, and very often they could be in better places. I'll say, gee, try posting that in the betta forum (or cichlid, livebearer, garden, etc) and you'll get a better response, but I think they rarely do and I don't know why.

Me, I'm persistent. If I can't find it myself and don't get an answer in one place or another, I'll keep at it until I do. But that is me, and I have to admit, I am the exception in that respect. I love researching stuff. Most people just want the info spoon-fed and that's why they get mad and leave. It's a shame, but life goes on. Perhaps he'll be happier with another crowd.

I think everyone here does a great job of trying to help people out. Nothing to apologize for, IMHO. It's not as if they PAID for it. Geez. :S
This forum is ANYTHING but a clique.

I have found the people here to be very helpful, and always willing to help if at all possible.

I'm not sure where this member (former member?) got this impression, but it's anything but accurate.
No one has forced u to come here its up to u i think this place is the best for fish info so get out we dont want u!!! :nod:
:lol: :lol: LOL!

so true Graeme!



Starry^ :p
Seems to me the guy did do his research. :huh:
While I think his post's a bit rash....I figure the guy's upset---he's got sick fish and was leaving town.

I, for one, hope he re-considers...:/
okay, no comment but alia, u actually noticed that i changed my avatar again cause the 1 i had was a prairie dog and now a fox........
i think he was on a mish (mission) :lol:

im takin a leaf out of michael winners advert book n saying


where do u get the 3d avatars from???

tek :fish:
tek, r u asking me? if u r then i got my avatar from, jamnog told me the site in the chat page.....

thanx Jam!


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