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First I discovered that discord has code format, now this site does to??? Is someone making a digital fish to take over the world? 😱

if (betta.IsAngry):
    print("Liar. Betta is always angry.")
    betta.IsAngry = true
I have no idea how to use the code formats 😂
10 Print "I have no idea how to use the code formats " goto 10

seems a bit awkward...
McDonald’s has the best cokes. Taco Bell has the best Pepsi.

Fight me 😂😂
Believe it or not, I actually have never tried coke from a glass bottle. Or Mexican coke, which I’ve heard is really yum.

I’m a disgrace to all coke lovers 😂
I had my last Coke/Pepsi about 40 years ago. Horrible stuff.
I don’t mind the taste, I just always felt like my teeth had been sandpapered. And all that gas….
We literally have a shower drain that won’t unblock. Tried everything, including plumbers. Maybe coke’s worth a try. :)

When I was 7 (in Australia) I remember I used to have/demand a bottle of Fanta every day.
Coke and Pepsi style drinks are the road to looking like a blobfish.

Plus I know I have genes for diabetes, so I gave them up years ago to buy more time. I love the taste, but the results aren't worth it.

From experience, McDo and Taco Bell and the word "best" don't go together well. But I'm a grumpy old man.
McDonalds and Burger King in the uk are ridiculous. Everything is constantly getting smaller. A cheeseburger is now about 4” wide and less than 2” tall. That and ‘large’ fries is at best a small snack, for the price of a meal. And the fries at BK are very dry (= very old potatoes?) and not at all pleasant to eat.
I don’t think we have Taco Bell over here.
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McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King are definitely the fast track to clogged arteries LOL.

I like McDonald’s cokes and fries, and that’s about it. Taco Bell, I don’t really like. And Burger King I haven’t eaten in years.

Shrinkflation is definitely a think in the US too, but I would say the large McDonald’s fry is definitely still a nice size tho- the hamburgers are sad though. And it’s wild. Where I live the large cokes cost about $1.70 but a couple hours away up the mountains, the same thing costs $5.

In n out is the go to place for burgers out here on the west coast in the USA. If you go you expect to spend at least 20-30 minutes in the drive through around normal lunch hours. Sometimes it’s so bad that’s it’s faster to park and go in. I’ve lived in three different places in California and I have never seen a not ridiculously busy in n out. It’s not a very in and out fast food place 😂
Surprisingly I actually heard that Burger King is one of the more "healthier" fast food chains...
That’s a bit like saying a 5” knife is safer than a 6” knife.
Yeah true lol. But they have a list of things they refrain from using, including food dyes...
Their fries are also healthier than McDonald's... If you do some research into that, it's nasty
But they have a list of things they refrain from using, including food dyes...
Idk man. Remember a few years back they had that black Halloween burger? Caused some mass panic when everyone’s poop was suddenly green

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