Pothos plants and Betta fish.


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Dec 2, 2023
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Sri lanka
I recently modified my filter top covers with Pothos plants to reduce algae growth from sunlight. Pothos were refreshing to the eye until mosquito larva showed up.
So gota Betta Controls of Mustards, Red Rose tail and Elephant Ear from Betta Farm Moratuwa.
When the Betta got home some Larva had turned in to Mosquitos.
To make matters worse the Bettas are jumpers and I learned it the hard way. One Rosetail jumped out and got popeyed and is currently administered.
So covered the Pothos Cups with Mesh and keeping them clean every 3 days.

A lot depends on your environment. Here in Canada, mosquito season has begun, and we are all food to them. But they are unlikely to get into an indoor set up. My killies would make short work of any ambitious mosquito that lighted anywhere near my Pothos.
The Environments are kept clean to control Dengue and other deadly diseases. The ones that come in are the ones carrying the diseases if not controlled. Betta control have done the job so far in the pothos pots.

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