Non Native Species In The Uk

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just out of intrest,how did you manage to catch the fish again if you realeased it?
Saw it again. It tends to stay round that area because it's shallower and probably warmer because what little sun we have get's to the water.

Alessa x.
Well my little wild guppy friend has a little friend of her own! I found a male one with her yesterday, he had a greeny yellow tale with black dots down his side. Definitely a male guppy because i caught him to take a look!!! Not the easiest to catch because they have more room than the ones in my tank! They like the little area that i go to watch the shrimp! The water there is only about 5-6" deep!

Alessa x.
They wont survive the winter. Im surprised there still alive now they can live down to under 20C but i wouldnt think they would live there for that long. I would take them out and kill the or find then a new home because there non native and you dont know if there carrying something or will have loads of babies.
hi, this morning when we got up we noticed that we have a peahen in our garden. it must have escaped from someone. i've fed it and it's quite tame, i could get within 3ft of it. it's still there now, the only problem is that we've just got back from holiday and we're getting the dogs back from the kennels today. :crazy:

i'll have to shoo it out of the garden when the dogs are out, and i hope it comes back again as it's quite cool having a peahen in the garden, but the dogs live in a kennel outside, so they might scare it. we had a peacock at school when i was in primary that had escaped from somewhere. we had it for years until 2 new kids came and decided to kill it.
Saw tons of Harlequin Ladybirds this autumn- tons of them were attracted to the house (particularly the window frames)! Although these ladybirds vary greatly in appearance they are all actually the same type of ladybird- the Harlequin ladybird (it is commonly known as Asian lady beetle, or Japanese ladybug, multicolored Asian lady beetle, and Halloween lady beetle) a non-native invader to this country;


(^ These are all harlequin ladybirds!)

Native ladybird species VS non-native ladybird species appearances;

The harlequin ladybird was introduced to North America in 1988, where it is now the most widespread ladybird species on the continent. It has already invaded much of northwestern Europe, and arrived in Britain in summer 2004.

The distribution map on the left or the annnual spread maps show that it has spread rapidly north and west from the southeast of England since its first sighting.

There are 46 species of ladybird (Coccinellidae) resident in Britain and the recent arrival of the harlequin ladybird has the potential to jeopardise many of these.

The Harlequin Ladybird Survey will monitor its spread across Britain and assess its impact on native ladybirds.

Monitoring ladybirds across the country has never been more important. We want YOU to get involved! Please record your harlequin ladybird sightings
there was a pair of cattle egrets nested on a river in colchester last year .

Ah yes i saw a Little Egret fishing in a shallow river this Autumn too (i live in Eastleigh, Hampshire);

Cattle Egrets look very similar to Little Egrets but are much rarer in this country (Little Egrets naturally came to this country though through habitat expansion rather than through human introduction, though they are very recent to this country having being here only since 1989).
yeah theres loads of no natives on every builing site i work on , they are overrun :lol: seriously tho my dad lives in surrey and they regularly get a big flock of ring necked parakeets fly over the back garden
Not the best photo but was taken on my old camera yeeeaaarrrsss ago!! They are still going tho LOL

Beautiful breeding pair of Egyptian Geese escaped from Beale Animal Park and floated off down the Thames, this was taken in Pangbourne the year they happily raised at least 3 chicks :)

They werent particularly friendly except with me but i'd sit for hours with them and the swans... to a point i could walk over and sit down next to a resting swan and stroke it... they knew i wouldnt hurt them... I miss that, the new lot are nasty as sin!

Invaders in my country are a lot!
Here are some: Ring necked parakeet, silverbill finch, common myna, red vented bulbul, white eared bulbul, Asian pied starling, ring necked dove, feral pigeons, mourning dove, bee eaters and a lot more!!
I have no idea on how these birds invaded my country!
Since I live in the desert.
But I think that the pet trade has something to do with it.
I KNOW this is for animal invaders in the Uk, but I couldn't resist putting up the Guinea fowl that has escaped its home yard and taken to mooching around the Archer Park Railway Station in Rockhampton QLD. Right in the CBD surrounded by , straying dogs, traffic and freight trains. It's quite funny to watch this brazen bird defie the odds of at times pretty heavy traffic as it crosses 4 lanes of traffic following the railway lines that everyone has to stop at. The guinea fowl even knows the mowing routine at Archer Park because I wont see it before I start mowing (with a ride on mower) but pretty soon it appears and starts hunting around in all the grass clippings. Personally I know it doesn't belong and its eating valuable insects etc that would be better for our native birds to eat, and some day some idiot is most likely going to skittle it on the road, but my admoration goes out to this plucky solitary bird.

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