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Magnum Man

Fish Addict
Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
Yeah some goats are invasive but we don't normally see many around the cities.
These are hair sheep ( yep, look like goats) they shed like dogs, eat weeds like goats are way easier to keep than wool sheep, and don’t climb trees or challenge fences… the lambs taste incredible… the ram will be my buddy, to my face, a butt me if I turn my back on him… he goes just about 300 lbs, and broke my ribs one day, when he got me just right
I had never heard of hair sheep until now. I just Googled them and they are interesting. No shearing, most don't need tail docking or crutching. Drawback is they don't produce much if any wool. Easier to care for than normal Merino sheep and tasty.

Sounds like the ram needs to be invited to a bbq just so he learns to show you some respect.
Are the same as a dorper?...dorpers are quite common in Australia for those breeding sheep for meat and also because thier more hardy then some other breeds and especially in backyard breeders/hobby farmers as they don't need shearing

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