my future pond

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Aug 17, 2020
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repost from tropical discussion (I think I should have posted it here first)
Hello, again friends. Today I want to hear (or rather read) your opinions on an idea I have.
I currently have a 55-gallon pond with 1 tilapia, 1 goodea atripinnis, and 1 red ear turtle I know it is small for everyone except the goodea and I will make it bigger as soon as I have the money, I will make it a 423-530gallon pond with a max depth of 1.50 meters, a with of 80-90 cm and a length of 2.5 meters, it will have sand and rocks, logs, caves, and some plants, the container I used for my current pond I would convert it into a "farm" for dwarf crayfish and baitfish (a local baitfish species called Chirostoma chapalae), the goodea would be relocated to avoid it being food because, and here is the main question, I would like to also add another large tilapia, a black bass a channel catfish and a warmouth/green sunfish, maybe a perch or other cool predatory/trophy fish. Some of you had told me the black bass and turtle would live together fine in the new pond but I would like to know about the catfish, a pair of large tilapias since I already have one of them, and the warmouth/green sunfish or other fish. Do you think this would work? what fish would you recommend? would the tilapia be in danger?.
Thanks in advance!

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