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Aug 18, 2017
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Hi, so im new to this forum type of stuff. But as of now i have a problem in locating my cory catfish. I have a 75 gallon fish tank. Within the tank i have 4 electric blue cichlid rams. 2 firemouth cichlids. 2 baby plecto. And 4 corycatfish. originally i had 4 corys then i woke to find 1 missing. I looked around and could not find him anywhere. I started with clearing out the decorations and plants. But in the end no where to found. I saw somewhere online that corys need to be social with others in order to come out. So i added 4 more corys and now another one has gone missing -__- .
It is not that uncommon to lose new fish; the stress of moving and any change in water conditions can kill off an already weak fish. But you also want to take it seriously, of course, in case it's indicative of some underlying issue. It's not that unusual not to find a body either, by the way; most fish will eat a dead one.

Have you tested the water at all and, if so, what were the results? Looking at the water is always the first thing to do.
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Missing a small fish? Cant find it anywhere in the tank? You have a Pleco in the tank?

If the small fish died for what ever reason, The Pleco probably ate it, BN Plecos love munching on dead fish.
How large are your Firemouths. I had a pair a few years ago and they kept harassing smaller fish. Having said that others were ok when younger and added to the aquarium last.
LOL YO guys! I know I'm a little late, But recently i had split my tank by doing half of gravel and half of sand. When I removed some gravel, he came out!!!! I dont know if he burrowed down or some how hes alive!
This jist happened to me too is it common for them to bury themselves?

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