Been a 2 year run on submerged Lucky Bamboo… it’s getting dated…

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
My emerging Lucky Bamboo is doing awesome, but while my submerged Lucky Bamboo is still green, it’s not growing, and has a gray film algae growing on it, that the fish can’t seem to remove, or it’s unpalatable, and they have no desire to remove it… the woven towers ( 2 ) were put in the tank 2 years ago for hiding spaces for smaller fish, and for structure for the Tin Foil barbs to swim around… as this tank has made a transition to a Bamboo water garden, and I still have 20 stalks of emerging Lucky Bamboo in the tank, I think I’m going to replace the submerged woven towers with a pair of similarly sized resin Asian pagodas…
But the submerged Lucky Bamboo has lasted 2 years fully submerged…but, it has now become a maintenance issue with surface algae on the leaves…
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I have some shorter stalks of Lucky Bamboo, that had been submerged for over a year, that I moved to some smaller tanks, making them emergent, and they seem to be making the transition well ( algae dried up, and has fallen off the leaves ) I may save the woven towers by doing the same, and putting them in my scud tank, for them to clean the towers up…
Removed one of the dated, woven bamboo towers today, and replaced with the 1st pagoda… the curious Panda Garra’s were trying to move in, while I was putting it in the tank… it’s substantial, but not solid resin, so I had to drill an 1/8 inch hole on the underside, and the top of the base, inside… the top lifts off… to let the air out… it looks new, but after it gets aged, and some algae growing on the roof, it should look good… the bamboo towers, were there originally there, so the Tin Foils, had something to swim around, but since the addition of the Marimo ball “stargate” they spend most of their time there… since they have matured, they don’t freak out so badly, and there is still room to swim around the pagoda, and still many spots to hide for the smaller fish… I still want to level it better, and am considering adding an underwater led light to the inside… I’ll give the Tinfoil’s some time to adjust, before pulling out and replacing the other bamboo tower… these pagodas are just slightly bigger than the original bamboo towers
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The Denison’s are the fist fish, without a sucker mouth, to explore… they are at the stargate right now, daring each other to go over there
Panda’s are the most curious… Vietnamese Lizard Hillstream checking in out from the background beside it ( looks lovely ke it’s climbing bamboo, but that is just the background, it’s actually on the glass )

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