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  1. L

    Missing fish?

    Hello, I have only had my tropical fish and the tank for a week now, however in that week some fish have started to go missing. 3 tetras and one guppy have mysteriously vanished with no sign of their bodies (we also checked the filter today with no luck). We have reason to believe they have...
  2. Y

    Help! Honey Gourami missing?

    Hello! I purchased 3 male Honey Gouramis yesterday. They all seemed 100% fine yesterday, no agression in the tank (Theyre in the tank with 2 Khuli Loaches and 6 Neon Tetras, 6 glowlight tetras, and a Zebra Nerite Snail). All swimming normally. Fed them last night and this morning one is...
  3. SpiritedDevil

    Missing in Action!!!

    Hi, so im new to this forum type of stuff. But as of now i have a problem in locating my cory catfish. I have a 75 gallon fish tank. Within the tank i have 4 electric blue cichlid rams. 2 firemouth cichlids. 2 baby plecto. And 4 corycatfish. originally i had 4 corys then i woke to find 1...
  4. oswaldbolka

    Was He Eaten ?

    Normally have five fish in the coldwater tank. Two goldfish, one zebra style fish, and two minnow type of fish. Now the smallest minnow is GONE. Completely disappeared. I have checked the tank several times, including with a light and with a stick to prod through the two small fake plants...