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Male Platy bullying Female Black Molly

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Mar 8, 2018
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I am really hoping someone can help me out! I started out with two platys (one male, one female) and one black molly(female). the molly got cotton mouth and spread it to the platys and in healing them I noticed my black molly becoming “annoying” to the male platy. not even aggressive, just annoying. well the lady at my LFS said the Molly was probably lonely and needed a friend. well I actually got a bigger tank, still healing the fish in the first tank and I notice that the male platy is no longer taking it from my Molly. asp now every chance my platy gets he is becoming crazy aggressive to my molly and I’m really worried he’s going to kill her. In reality you would think my black molly would get the hint and just avoid him but she doesn’t. she just keeps getting around him. (she is no longer being annoying at all) I have looked everywhere and I can not find anything about a Platy bullying a Molly. Please help, I really don’t want to take my Platy back to the store. I’ve gotten attached to him and his personality. I really don’t want him killing the Molly either.

Ps. I have evened it out to 2 female Platys 1 male Platy and two female Black Molly’s.
Hi there jcb, welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry you're having trouble with your fish. Male livebearers are, I'm afraid to say, sex mad, and will chase and bother any female fish in the tank. They key is to have more females than males and plenty of hiding places, in a large enough tank, with good quality water.

As you've already added some more females, can you tell us how big your tank is, whether it's planted, and the results of any water tests you've done, please?

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