1. J

    Free Male Kribinsis

    I have a healthy male Kribinsis that I no longer want… I’m looking to start a new tank with live bearing fish only… It is free to anyone who can give it a good home and lives within a 20 mile radius of Woodstock New York. My name is John and my number is 914-388-1489
  2. C

    Confusion, is my swordtail a swordtail and is it male or female?

    Hi All, I’m new to this so go easy on me! Last week I bought 3 female swordtails to go with my current male swordtail. Unfortunately 2 died and this is the last one however I am super confused. It has a gonopodium, suggesting it is a male however it doesn’t have a long sword. It’s rather large...
  3. C

    Fin rot or nipping? HELP!

    Hello, I have three male guppies and two female guppies. They are separated by a divider, and I am trying to move the females to a new tank soon. For the last week or so, I thought one of the males might have had a swollen abdomen, but I also thought it could just be fat. However, I just...
  4. F

    Worried about platy

    Hello, I am posting because I’m concerned my platy may have pop eye but I’m not entirely sure. I’ll post pictures at the end. He’s perfectly healthy otherwise so I’m having a hard time telling if he might have pop eye or if I’m just worrying about him too much. He’s my favourite fish and I’m...
  5. C

    How to tell which one is a female or a male?

    i'm new to having fish (Please excuse my english I normaly speak french). 2 of my gouramis are making a bubble nest.. and I was wondering what should I do about that.. I have 3 gouramis. The only one not making a nest is a dwarf (blue) and he couldnt care less about the two other lol. My...
  6. M

    I can't tell if my platy is male or female?

    Hey, I recently got 4 platy and I had no idea about the live birth etc. So oooo........ Lol I definitely have 1 male and I'm pretty sure 2 females. There's one more but I can't tell if it's male or female. I'm trying to decide the best option to avoid having to deal with tonnes of fry...
  7. Paige Isabella Marie Long

    Betta HORIZONTAL stripes

    Hi! One of my male bettas has horizontal stripes and ONLY on his head, I´ve been googling for the past hour and haven´t found anything similar. He is a little older, I have had him for a little over a year now and he was pretty big already when I got him. Does anyone know what these could be from?
  8. U

    Swollen or Pregnant female guppy?

    hello guys, I’ve currently got a 180l (40g I believe) tank, with dwarf hair grass, other live plants, and some hiding places etc. I’ve got 4 male guppy’s and 12 female guppy’s with 4 shrimp. I’ve noticed a female (I believe) guppy has a swollen belly, eats fine swims fine etc but sometimes...
  9. Inkweaver313

    Algae Eater Tank Mate?

    Hi Everybody! I have a male betta in a 10g tank that I'm having a horrendous time controlling the algae in. I've done everything I can think of to control the algae in this tank. It's all over the glass and the sand and there's string algea all over the decorations. Short of taking the betta...
  10. S

    is my molly pregnant

    hello i have a black molly and i don’t know if it’s pregnant or if it is a male, a man ant the pet shop wanted to throw him in the garbage and i just took it here are some photos of it please help me cause i don’t know what to do
  11. W

    Preg. Female Molly Agressive towards Male

    We just recently lost a female molly due to who knows what. No other issues in the tank, she just never grew then started acting completely strange and died. So we bought a Dalmatian lyre tail for our very large and "needy" black molly so he could have 3 females again. Mind you, he and the...
  12. L

    Male Platy fish has swollen belly? pictures included.

    I have had this male since it was born and it has always looked slightly pointed in the belly, until recently the belly has really pointed and swollen. Someone has said it looks like a tumour, or maybe dropsy. I have been told to euthanise it by another site. Can someone help me identify whats...
  13. J

    Male Platy bullying Female Black Molly

    I am really hoping someone can help me out! I started out with two platys (one male, one female) and one black molly(female). the molly got cotton mouth and spread it to the platys and in healing them I noticed my black molly becoming “annoying” to the male platy. not even aggressive, just...
  14. J

    Is my dwarf gourami female??!!

    Hey all! My post yesterday was me trying to find a place to purchase a female dwarf gourami to go with my male. I could not find any locally-or so I thought. My school is far away and along the hour drive there is a petco. I went on my way back and the guy there said he had what he thought was a...
  15. A

    Is my molly pregnant?

    I have two black mollies and one seems have bigger stomach. Not sure whether it's pregnant or over fed. It has white spot on the stomach but swims as fast as the other one. It also has a fin just above the anus and two small fins on the sides. I am not even sure whether it's a female. Should I...
  16. D

    Cherry Shrimp, Male or Female?

    Can someone help me identify this cherry shrimp to see whether it is a female or male. It is the one that has the white thing on the top of it.
  17. Flubberlump

    Lampeye Killifish Bully

    I have a problem with my lampeyes. There's a bit of a story so apologies in advance... I had a few already, and a few months ago I bought some more, as I only had one of my original ones left - they were about 5 years old which I believe is a good age for a lampeye. A couple of days later a lot...
  18. J

    Blue Acaras Not Eating

    I have 2 blue acaras, they are in a 10 gallon by themselves. I've noticed that the male has started the courting, pulling on plants, vibrating ect. I've also noticed that they've began to dig through the rocks? Now neither of them are eating?? WHY?? All the food that I've given them is all on...
  19. K

    Male Platy Always Hiding Around The Bottom Of The Tank

    I've had two Platies for about a month now and all was good. My female actually just died yesterday from getting stuck in a VERY small "window" in one of my decorations. Very sad.  I've gradually been adding some fish once in a while such as a dwarf gourami, a honey gourami, a cory, and...
  20. L

    Betta Breeding Question

    I want to breed my two halfmoon Betta's. I have done all the bloodlines of both my female and male, I think the offspring would be quite good. I have asked the local pet store if they would like some Betta fish, they agreed.   Question is that, can I keep the male offspring together? (Obviously...