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Jordan_Deus - March 2019 Tank of the Month

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Jun 28, 2016
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Austin, TX

We would like to congratulate Jordan_Deus for winning the FishForums.net March 2019 Tank of the month contest!

Here are some additional details about the tank:
- Nine Black Skirt Tetras
-A trio of breeding Ancistrus
-Six Bronze corydoras (pet store only had six a year ago, will add more when the bronze corys are back in my area)
-Seven Neon tetras
-Six juvenile Angelfish (new addition)

Vallisneria - back left corner
Bacopa - front left corner
Anubis Nana petite - back left corner on wood
Anubias barteri - left/center on wood
Anubias barteri Nana - right/center on wood
Crinum Calamistratum - back/center new addition, still small, can only really see one shoot in the picture.
Christmas Moss - along the center lower piece of wood (It over took the entire tank so tore it all out, put it in a new tank and added a bit to that piece of wood)
Cryptocoryne Crispatula var. Balansae - back right corner (new addition from yesterday, hopefully will get a more filled out look in the coming months)
Cryptocoryne Wendtti - center/right in front of wood and crypt balansae (new addition from yesterday, hopefully will get a more filled out look in the coming months)


Ferts: I make my own solutions out of Potassium Nitrate (KNO3), Potassium Sulfate (KSO4) and Monopotassium Phosphate (KH2PO4). I dose once a week to bring nitrates up to 5 ppm, potassium to 8 ppm, and phosphate to 1ppm. When I see that nitrate is almost at 0 ppm, I redose Ferts.

Weekly Water Change:

*Gravel Vac substrate
*Clean Filter sponges
*Water change 60-70%


Pump and hose for water change, Tetra 200w heater (aqua one 300w back up for quarantine tank), Aqua One Aquis 1200 canister filter, air pump, air stone.

-Spider wood
-Pool filter sand

Water parameters:
Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - less than 5ppm
Gh - 8 - 16 dgh
Kh - 8 - 16 dgh
Ph - 7.5

Thanks again to everyone that participated! We will have April's contest posted next week so stay tuned!
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Congrats Jordon on your win. Great looking tank and great stocking. Your plants should grow out nicely as it matures.

Hope more members will consider entering future contests.

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