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Sep 23, 2013
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We have a winner in Fishforums.net
January 2024 Tank
of the Month Contest
We had 5 awesome tanks entered in this month's TOTM contest featuring tanks sized at 17 to 30 gallon but only one could win...
And the winner is.......
Let's all congratulate them
Here's the winning tank and its description
Heres my 20g planted aquarium.

This tank has been through many iterations, but this is by far my favorite.
I started this tank early in 2021 when I first joined the forum. I knew nothing about plants, but over time, I have at least learned how to make them grow :)

We've got quite a variety of plants growing in this tank:
Anacharis, Cabomba, Frogbit, Crypt Wendtii Green, Christmas Moss, Tiger lotus(dorment), bucephalandra green wavy, anubias barteri, nana petite, nana, and dwarf hair grass.
Current stocking is:
Six Neon Tetra, two Cherry Barb, two Red eye Tetra, three amano shrimp, and six Emerald Dwarf Rasbora.

The substrate is miracle-grow potting soil capped with Quickrete pool filter sand. As you can see, the plants grow very well.

Hardscape is a nice big piece of Malaysian driftwood. I got it for a great price. I guess that's a perk of owning your aquarium plant shop :)

I am currently running this tank filterless, walstad style. We've got a heater stuck behind the hardscape. This is almost as natural as it gets.

Lighting is a nicrew. I have that on most of my tanks.

I could probably go on and on about this tank. It's a joy to watch, and it was a joy to create.
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Congrats to @connorlindeman with his nicely planted 20 gallon tank...nice job!
Coming in 2nd place is @Fishmanic with his 29 gallon "Pleco invasion" tank which is home to an explosion of BN Pleco fry.
And coming in 3rd place is @Uberhoust with their unique 20 gallon "Holey Moley" nicely aquascaped tank. Good going, Uberhoust.

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Well done matey!
Congrats on the win...! 🏆

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