🐠 TOTM CaptainBarnicles - February Tank of the Month Winner (31 gal & larger)

@CaptainBarnicles ... Congrats you dominated... I've followed your tank thread off & on, can't believe how those plants are coming along... are you adding CO2???
Nope πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I just give them a very stern look every time I walk by 🧐
we need to check that photograph for plecos and other types of suckermouth catfish, If there's any in there, something is fishy.
You won't find any suckers in my tanks 🧐
Congrats! It really is a stunning tank.

Would look better with a massive common pleco stuck to the front glass though. ;)
🀨 I'll be watching you matey...

...and thanks πŸ˜‹ they seem to have all of a sudden just taken off!
Crypts will do that. They are capricious critters. They'll languish and melt for months, then you wake up one morning and they're acting all healthy and happy to see you. It's part of what I love about them. For a plant, they have some personality.
Notice how the crypts don't have any algae on their leaves. You know what keeps their leaves free from algae?
Snails, shrimp and a well balanced tank 🧐

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