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May 9, 2021
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I am a 78 year old great grandma and I am new to the hobby, sort of. A few years ago I had a 55 gal freshwater tank with community fish. Enjoyed them tremendously but due to difficulty maintaining the tank I had to give them up. Recently I decided to try again with smaller and more easily accessible tanks. I now have a 40 G breeder, a 20 gal and a fluval flex 15gal. All are in my home office and at levels I can reach for maintenance. Still a lot of work but I do enjoy it. I didn't have any fish health problems with my 55 G. in the past but now have already battled and cleared up ICH once and now have a male Guppy that has a problem. I am thinking it is Columnaris but not sure. I have posted a couple of pictures to see if someone can confirm and offer suggestions. He does not seem to have any cottony stuff on him just seems to be losing all his scales. Looking forward to reading posts and refreshing my memory regarding be a good fish Parent.

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