How much would you trust your pet to defend you in a fight?

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My Bunny Dylan is the biggest pansy ever! I bought a pen (temporary fence) to get him some outside fresh air , there was a slight breeze that blew his fur and he cleared off back indoors, leaving me sitting outside . the new neighbours walked by, and they are new to this country, I wonder what they was thinking? "omg crazy english woman is in a cage?" lol ! Choice number 2 would be Pixie and Dixie the furry potato's (guinea pigs) and if the attacker rattled a bag they'd think ooh food! and not care in the least what happened to me! or what about the shrimp, the little guys that get a small fortune spent making sure their water etc is perfect? They would just continue playing their invisible piano's or riding their invisible bikes around their tank. It looks like I am doomed lol x
One time I went hiking with my family and on a lake shore we sat down to eat lunch at a picnic table, only to unfortunately attract the attention of two very very large geese. And they kept creeping closer, to the point where they were in touching distance. And then I dropped a chip. That landed between my feet. And I watched as one of the geese just slowly put his head down there, between my legs, making beady eye contact with me the entire time with his freaky beak teeth on display, and I honestly thought that’s that’s how I was gonna go- dropping a chip and getting wrecked by a goose.

Luckily he just took the chip and scooted away but dang.

Guess who I found a picture of….


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or what about the shrimp, the little guys that get a small fortune spent making sure their water etc is perfect? They would just continue playing their invisible piano's or riding their invisible bikes around their tank. It looks like I am doomed lol x

I genuinely burst out laughing at this! As a shrimp keeper I know exactly what you mean, but had never thought of it that way, and will always think of it when I see them now! :lol: Brilliant, I hope you post a lot more, you're hilarious!
My dog would fight to the death to defend me...unless the assailant had a treat or smelled interesting.

Bahaha, this is the reality for most dogs, I'm afraid! Poor pups, not their fault!
I don't know whether it's been linked before, but some people did do a little test
The dogs in the third test are a surprise!

I actually don't really like these tests. It does upset and stress the dogs out. I wouldn't like to put my dogs through that, it could easily cause some trauma for them.

This one is interesting too. Doesn't surprise me that the dogs bred for guarding/fighting have their instincts kick in during this test scenario.
Idk man. Aren’t parrots kind a possessive? See humans as their mate, possessive? I was taken out by a smaller cockatoo looking thing and parrots are horrifically large I would not like the tango with them or have them say ‘hello’ atop my fresh corpse thank you bye bye
She's a Meyers' parrot. It's a small african parrot (same build as an amazon parrot).
My Chihuahua mix would definitely bark and let anybody within earshot know something was up, but if things got violent she’d run.

I used to work with dogs and a german shepherd I used to groom and have for daycare would have put his life on the line for any one of us at the shop though. On quieter days we’d let all the dogs hang out with us while we groomed and he came for daycare and grooming often. If any of the other dogs gave us any kind of grief he’d get after them. Once I went out into the yard to fetch a dog because it was time for his bath. He didn’t want to go. The GSD didn’t know what I needed, but he knew the other dog was doing something that I didn’t like and so he barked and chased him around the yard twice before I could bring him in for his bath. I’m not a GSD fan, but I liked that one.
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My hound mix, Honey, would take one look and… run as fast as she could in the opposite direction. My golden retriever, Kody, would probably take a moment to say hello to the attacker and give them a few kisses. Unless, of course, they touched his special chew toy, in which case the attacker’s life will be flashing before their eyes.
I doubt my guinea pigs are doing much of anything but one of my budgies is very territorial of me and will bite anyone who comes near. Then again, budgies are so small you can barely feel it if they bite, so…

Looks like I’m screwed 🤷🏼‍♀️
My dog Luna I feel like would probably rip an attacker to shreds IF SHE HAD TO... Her bark would probably send them running before she had a chance to do something to them
I no longer have my old dog, but I firmly believe that if I were in danger, all 20 whitetailed deer that lounge out back would form a flying wedge and do the greatest Bambi charge anyone has ever seen. It would be antlers down, droppings away and thundering hooves.

It's a very good thing I don't worry about being attacked or getting into fights, though I do have a beef with the squirrels around here. My buddy the bobcat deals with them.

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