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Feb 14, 2014
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So, my male guppy has been hiding under my rock cave thing for about 1-2 hours. I have had him for about 7 months and him and his guppy friend have always been the most healthy (at least I think so) and active ones, always swimming around. I did a 25% water change yesterday, which they usually don't care about.

I use the testing strips and ammonia was 0/safe and the same for nitrite and nitrate.
Earlier today the aquarium or the outlet, or something went POP and the filter stopped and the lights went out. It was running again like 15-20 min later though.

My other guppy keeps swimming around the hole being all "hey come out, it's not dangerous!" but as soon as he swims outside, he swims right back after a couple of seconds. I think he looks a little bloated but not super bloated.
Sometimes fish can be nervous.  Just look for anything out of the ordinary, and he looks pretty healthy.  Sometimes if something scares them they are nervous for a while.  
Have you tried feeding them and seeing if he will come out?
Hows the fish today?

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