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  1. Vengified

    What is my shrimp doing? Is he/she ok?

    So, I've had a red cherry shrimp for a little over a month now. It molted after the first 3 days, and again 3.5 weeks later, after moving to itw new tank. Normally very active, and still somewhat active, but has started a behavior that it wasn't displaying previously. I'm not sure if it is male...
  2. V

    Sudden Change In Fish Behavior Overnight

    Hi everyone, So just yesterday my fish were all swimming around happily in my 29 gallon planted tank. I got this tank a while back, cycled it for two to three weeks, and just added the fish two weeks ago. The fish I had were: 6 guppies from my previous tank, which was running for four months...
  3. S

    All Fish Behaving Strangely After 3D Background Installed.

    Hey everyone,    I have a bit of a crisis at the moment,    I recently installed a 3d background in my aquarium, it's made from Styrofoam, covered in cement, then sealed with crommelin Pond Sealer.  I glued it in with selley's aquarium safe sillicone and waited for it to fully cure before...
  4. K

    Help With My Platy Please

    My Platy just started spinning around. I moved him over to the breeding tank so I can keep an eye on him. I can’t see any issue with him physically and apart from the spinning he is acting normal. I bought him from Pets at Home just over a month ago. I have a few other Platies and a pleco and...
  5. tonjelunde

    Hiding Guppy?

    So, my male guppy has been hiding under my rock cave thing for about 1-2 hours. I have had him for about 7 months and him and his guppy friend have always been the most healthy (at least I think so) and active ones, always swimming around. I did a 25% water change yesterday, which they usually...