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  1. NatCardiff88

    Help! Discus not eating,hiding and ball hanging out of anus - unsure if prolapse or disease

    Hi There Please can someone help and advise to treatment with my one discus. She’s been hiding and not eating tried using entice but no joy. She hasn’t showed any symptoms but now has a ball hanging out of anus. I want to treat straightway but unsure if this is a prolapse, hexamita or worms...
  2. V

    What could be wrong with my betta?

    I’ve noticed this thing attached to his fin. (Sorry for the quality) I’ve also noticed some poop hanging out so I’m not gonna feed him today, but I’m mostly concerned about whatever is attached to him. He’s also been hiding behind the filter.
  3. tkoalas

    Platinum guppy has damaged tail fin and is hiding away

    Request Help. My platinum guppy is acting odd. See below for full explanation. Any insight would be helpful. Currently, the guppy in question has been moved to a quarantine tank in case he's being bullied by the other guppies or in case of fin rot. Tank size: 5 gallon (currently in 1/2 gallon...
  4. pimudh

    German Blue Ram female is hiding

    I've kept fish since I was a kid but seriously started looking into it about 3-4 years ago. I've got experience with tropical community and betta tanks but I'm quite new to owning GBR. I recently got a GBR pair (2-3 weeks ago) and since day 1 they've been absolutely amazing. They're still quite...
  5. Lgoldman

    Platy inactive and breathing heavily

    One of my female platys has been breathing heavily and staying at the bottom of the tank all day. She ate this morning. I moved her to a smaller tank. The small tank only has two platy fry that will go into my bigger tank soon. All of my other fish are fine. I can’t tell if she is pregnant or...
  6. wolfgirlj

    New Female Platy is Hiding, is it Because of My Guppy?

    Tank is 20 gallon 1 dwarf gourami 2 mystery snails 6 neon tetras 1 female guppy 1 female platy (added two days ago) The last water change was the day before I got the platy, and water conditions matched the store conditions. The platy has seemed a little on edge since added, but not darting...
  7. T

    Shrimp hiding all of the time

    Hi, so I had a new aquarium around a month ago and had a couple of amano shrimp in there. The shrimp, along with all of the other fish were really happy and doing great. However i haven't seen my shrimp in around a week now so I looked for them and got a torch and looked under some drift wood...
  8. S

    Platy Hiding

    A while back I was gone for 2 weeks on vacation. My 10gal tank had 2 male platies and 4 golden tetras. We came back, and one platy was completely missing, so we assumed it either died and was eaten somehow, or a cat got to it. Now though, the remaining platy hides constantly and only comes out...
  9. twintanks

    Shrimps In Filter

    When I stocked my new tank a couple of weeks ago (after cycling, of course), I had not been considering having shrimps. Then I saw these cute little things scuttling about on the tank floors in the local fish shop and decided to have four. Now, I think they're cherry shrimps (I did look at the...
  10. K

    Male Platy Always Hiding Around The Bottom Of The Tank

    I've had two Platies for about a month now and all was good. My female actually just died yesterday from getting stuck in a VERY small "window" in one of my decorations. Very sad.  I've gradually been adding some fish once in a while such as a dwarf gourami, a honey gourami, a cory, and...
  11. N

    New Tank Help

    My first tropical fish 20 gallon tank and has been running for a week. I am an amateur that has done a lot of research but can't find solutions to the following problems: Just added 4 zebra danios and 2 panda cory's Now for the questions: 1. I have gravel. Researched that it can damage the...
  12. tonjelunde

    Hiding Guppy?

    So, my male guppy has been hiding under my rock cave thing for about 1-2 hours. I have had him for about 7 months and him and his guppy friend have always been the most healthy (at least I think so) and active ones, always swimming around. I did a 25% water change yesterday, which they usually...
  13. W

    Scared Lil Fishies

    Hi all   I am new to owning fishes but I've googled and asked many people before actually getting one set up. I have two fish.. One is an angelfish and the other is a small red tail shark.  They are both scared and always hiding and while I understand they may be scared, I am just worried that...
  14. G

    Help! Male Sword Tail From Walmart Not Moving For Hours At A Time

    Hello. i purchased a male swordtail from walmart. he is living in a 10 gallon with lots of other fish. for some reason, he always hides either in front of or behind a large lava rock, or near the top by the filter and he just sits there for hours, wiggling. ive had him for about a week and a...
  15. FishMamas

    Mollie Mom Freaking Since Fry Birth

    HELP! My most outgoing, happy and person friendly fish, a female platinum Balloon Mollie (who regularly lets me hand feed her) had a 360 degree personality and behavior switch since giving birth to 5 fry about 2 weeks ago.  She was the most outgoing fish in my tank and dominated even over my...
  16. RamboFish

    Platy Scared Of Rainbows?

    I've had Platys for about a year, and yesterday I decided to cut my numbers down from 15 (mixed) to just 5 favourite females. I did this in order to add some rainbows and also a few blue shiners to my tank.    4 of the females seem to be ok, but one, my favourite, seems to be hiding at the back...
  17. M

    Platy Started Hiding And Seems Terrified Of Everything

    I've got a +200 litre tropical community tank with the following species: Platys, Balloon Mollies, Corydoras, Guppy. All get along fine. Water parameters are all fine. Have the tank for about 5 months - so still relatively new at this.   Have 1 female platy for about 4 months. She's given birth...