Guppies Dying Weekly, What Disease Is This? Pet of the Month
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Nov 18, 2013
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Hi everyone,
I'm just desperate for some help. I have a 60 liter guppy tank. Right now I have about seven adult guppies and some older fry. Slowly, about every week or two weeks one of my guppies dies the exact same way. It's only been females. They start looking very thin and emaciated, they don't try to eat or spit their food out, don't swim like the other guppies... they look like they are just wiggling, they hang at the waterline especially in the plants and their spines bent a little. It takes several days for this to progress and I've euthanized them when it gets bad before they die. I've read that this can be fish TB, and if it is that there is no cure and all my fish have to be euthanized? I am very worried and I need help. It is killing me to see fish after fish die. My water qualities are fine and I clean my tank regurarly. It is a planted tank and also has some five year old corydoras and a bristlenose pleco. 
Please help me, even if you've read this same question 10 times. Right now two of my seven adults look like they are dying, and I would love to save the others if possible. I attached a google image I found that looks similar to my guppies. Mine have never gotten this bad, maybe because I euthanize them when I can tell they are dying and its too far gone.
My tank has a similar problem. I currently have;
5 Female Betta's
8 Guppies
5 Corys.
In Sept. I bought over a dozen Guppies and three platys... I've had several Guppies die and all three platys have wasted away. The last one actually died today.
Anyways, I've had one of the BNP and all of the corys for over a year and they're all fine and happy. Seeing that you have a similar set up makes me think that these species are less likely to succumb to it. 
One of my female Betta's is beginning to get into this stage, she can't swim properly, and I haven't seen her eat in several days. 
So there are two of us in this boat :/ 
sounds like an internal parasite, get on that... what are your water stats? how long have you had it and how long have you cycled it.
remove any fish that looks sick... put them into another tank with the same aquarium water.. it'll be a water change.. once a fish dies i find that the others from the same breed will be affected.. the parasite will leave and get a new host.
i would treat with pimaflex.. shouldn't harm snails.. but not sure about shrimp, and fry will be fine... 
Para guard will help you with this one.
Internal parasites are always bad to have,
So was their poo stringy and white?
or maybe it is stress from birth and sudden rise of bioload
In my case I suppose their excrement has been off - it's not something I generally watch for so to be honest I wouldn't know.
Thanks for the information, I'll look into the med's mentioned.
I've had the tank for about three years, so its been cycled for a long long time. Before the guppies were introduced I had just the corydoras living in it. The guppies have been there for a few months. First they had the "shimmies"... I think thats what its called but I cured them of that and only one died. Now I've lost too many to count. 
DerpPH said:
Para guard will help you with this one.
I tried treating the tank with an internal parasite medication and am on the second dose now. A guppy female that looked fine a few days ago looks like she is getting emaciated so I don't know if its working. How long does it take for me to see a difference?

BerryAttack said:
remove any fish that looks sick... put them into another tank with the same aquarium water.. it'll be a water change.. once a fish dies i find that the others from the same breed will be affected.. the parasite will leave and get a new host
What do you mean with it will be a water change? I try to take the fish out before they die, but they still seem to be getting affected. I also just found a female with all her fry hanging out of her, could this have been caused by the internal parasite medication? I feel so sad and frustrated right now, I can't seem to catch a break.
ok, so you want to keep the water temp the same when removing the fish, because you'll treat them and the fish that are in the tank.
so by removing water you'll be doing a water change at the same time and then treating for the fish. by removing and placing the same water into another tank to help limit the death of fish in the main tank.. helping to reduce spreading even though it is already in the main tank. it is putting the most sick looking group of fish away from the "healthy" fish. and water changes will help with the overall health and maintenance of the aquarium water
remove all and every sick looking fish, even if it looks like it is just starting.. and treat like mad (not over dosing) add salt to the very sick fish.. because cories can't handle it.. that is why you have the other tank. the hospital tank.
for the future.. before adding in new fish you should quarantine them for around a week before adding them into the main tank.. and don't be shy to look at the fish you are buying, if you don't like how the one looks then tell them you want a different one. 

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