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  1. B

    Platy seems very ill- please help

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this website so please be patient with me! About 4 months ago my father bought 4 platy fish for our tank (along with a Plec, a few neon tetra and a betta) (I know it's not recommended to keep a betta with platys because or their tails but they get on fine). It turns out...
  2. D

    Platy Is Looking Really Skinny

    Hi, my dad has a tank of platys, one died this morning. it was first stuck to the filter and then just sank to the bottom of the tank in a c shape. And now the last fully grown platy has gotten very skinny over the past few days. it looks all clamped up and its spine looks weird and bent...and...
  3. E

    Guppies Dying Weekly, What Disease Is This?

    Hi everyone,   I'm just desperate for some help. I have a 60 liter guppy tank. Right now I have about seven adult guppies and some older fry. Slowly, about every week or two weeks one of my guppies dies the exact same way. It's only been females. They start looking very thin and emaciated, they...
  4. I

    Oto Cat Paralysis? Dying?

    Hello. I joined this forum to ask this question. Here's my current tank set-up: I have a 20 gallon tank with an under-gravel filtration system as well as a new power filter (rated for 20-30 gallon aquariums). I don't have a good water testing kit but the pH is pretty much 7.0, no detectable...