Finally The 50G 2 Species Setup

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Aug 17, 2013
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Hi All,
Here's a few pics of my recent upgrade from a 29G to a 50G!  Any ideas on improving on what I have?  Currently there are 3 P. Acei and 3 Red Zebras.  The Acei I'm now realizing are 2 males and 1 female; the Red Zebras are all females and of course they (the 2 older) rule the land
.  There is also 1 common plec.  What do you think would be a good addition to what I already have?

Also trying to post a video and any feed back on that would be greatly appreciated!
I would recommend rehoming the common pleco, hes fine for no but grow to be 2ft, its a very nice tank though, would you want to try a more natural look with slate stone or other rock systems?
FA thanks for your response!  I'm very well aware of the growth size of the common plec (didn't when I bought him and LSF didn't tell me either
!).  I've done river rocks (each weighing 5 pounds or more) and they provided a nice "natural" cave setup, but the drawbacks were weight & management of the system. 
As you are well aware Mbuna create a lot of waste, especially fecal material.  I found that when doing the proverbial 25% water changes and once a week gravel/sand sifting left behind large amounts of fecal material trapped within the walls of the rocks causing my Nitrate readings to be 30/40PPM.  Within days after doing any water changes the Nitrate levels always shot back up to 30/40PPM.  Moving or removing rocks to do a good cleaning became a tedious chore and I desired a more simplified system. 
All of the structures now are very light weight and with little effort are lifted out and replaced for cleaning, even when doing just a 25% water change I can do sand/gravel cleaning underneath a structure.  Since having this system my Nitrates stay between 5 and 10PPM when before Nitrates would be easily at 40PPM.
My pets are extremely happy with the many hiding spaces they have, also it has virtually eliminated aggression as there is plenty of space for all including swim room.  I would like to add more fish but I'm not quite sure what would work...I know a 1 male red zebra is an option (1 to 3 ratio)...adding more Acei is an option but not as colorful an option...I'm totally happy with my tanks stability but it seems it could have just a bit more...can anyone give me some ideas?

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