1. C

    African Cichlids vs Planted/Tetra Tanks During Power Loss

    I recently bought my first house, so my wife and I are excited to get our first aquarium together (I kept aquariums for 10 years from middle school through college). We are looking to get a 125 gallon aquarium and are trying to decide between doing a 'typical' Mbuna tank (just sand/Texas holey...
  2. S

    Feeding my Mbuna Broccoli

    Hi guys. Nice easy one for you. I want to feed my Mbuna some broccoli and eventually some other veggies. Never done this before. Do I feed raw, blanched or cooked? Any advice appreciated
  3. W

    Malawi Cichlids

    Hello All, I have recently inherited 4 Malawi Cichlids from a friend who could not accommodate them. I have had them for a month now and were originally around 1.5 inches. I’ve seen some growth maybe the largest one not far off 2 inches, but not quite. However I’m currently keeping them within...
  4. C

    Mbuna tank

    Just got my mbuna tank setup, I have some bumblebees, kenyi and another I can't spell haha. So farm my all black bumblebee is running the tank chasing everyone if they cross him. Won't let me post pictures says they are to big of files :(
  5. T

    Help For Planning Mbuna Aquarium

    hey y'all,
  6. Ellphea

    Stocking For All Male Mbuna Tank

    I have a 55 gallon all male mbuna tank. I am looking to add a few more fish species to the mix as mine are all still juvies.  Here is what I currently have: Melanochromis johanni (electric blue johanni) Labidochromis caeruleus (Electric yellow labido) Melanochromis auratus Maylandia zebra (red...
  7. D

    Nitrate Level High, Advice Please,

    hi, just changed over to malawi as have a high ph and hardness in the area and got fed up with trying to bring it down so matched the fish to the water, now the tank has always been well stocked so the filters are used to a high bioload but my nitrates have always been 10 - 20 ppm, started the...
  8. N

    Please Help Id Mbuna Species And Sex

    Hi All, I've waited for my pet to mature before asking for help in identification.  She/he has matured into a very beautiful Mbuna and I would love to add several others.  I've been searching over the last year unsuccessfully.  The closest I've come is the Metriclima family, yet there are stark...
  9. N

    My 50G Mbuna Rescape

    Hi all! Finished re-scaping my 50G and wanted to share the update!  Attached is the video on YouTube and I'd like to see what you think.  Thanks.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDFI97HH4RI  
  10. P

    Cichlid Id Needed

    need help with this guy. he was sold to me as a acei color variant and i think that is false, his eyes seem bigger than my other acei and obviously the color is different. i looked through different types of cichlids and think she (assuming female due to color) is a red fin borleyi aka...
  11. F

    Tank Troubles

    I am new to this forum and to cichlids and keeping fish in general. I currently have a 45gal tank that has 5 Mbuna, one OB Peacock, one Sunburst Peacock, one yellow lab, one daffodil, a rope fish, and a synodontis cat. All my fish were living together very well for about two months. My sunburst...
  12. Ellphea

    Mbuna- All Male Or Mixed?

    I am setting up a 55 gallon mbuna tank and I am very curious as to whether it would be better to try for an all-male tank or to go with the conventional method. There are some key points I would like to point out to keep in mind.    1. I live in a rural area and the closest (good) LFS is a hour...
  13. J

    Hello! Newbie! & Question About My Mbuna Tank!

    hello! i am new to the forum & new to keeping african cichlids!  i just recently set up a new 56gallon setup with a few currently in it. i have been keeping fish for almost 4 years or so but have always kept smaller, community fish and aquatic plants. this tank currently has a fluval 306 and a...
  14. N

    Please Help With Aggression Issues In 50G

    Hi All, I recently added 8 new pets to my 50G.  The pets currently are as follows: Kenyi: 2 Females/1 Male Cobalt Blue Zebra: 2 females? 1 Currently Juvenile Bumblebee: 1 sex undetermined/juvenile Yellow Lab: 1 sex undetermined/juvenile Mixed Mbuna: 1 sex undetermined/juvenile Psued Acei: ? 2...
  15. N

    Finally The 50G 2 Species Setup

    Hi All, Here's a few pics of my recent upgrade from a 29G to a 50G!  Any ideas on improving on what I have?  Currently there are 3 P. Acei and 3 Red Zebras.  The Acei I'm now realizing are 2 males and 1 female; the Red Zebras are all females and of course they (the 2 older) rule the land . ...
  16. N

    Terracotta Caves In The Aquarium Pics

    Just introduced my terracotta caves to my pets and they love it!
  17. N

    Conversion 29Gl: Community To African Cichlid

    Hi All, Just converted my 29gl community tank to a Mbuna tank.  Hardware: Aqueon Quietflow 30, API Filstar Canister XP-M, 100w Submersible Heater, Topfin 3000 airpump Substrate: Caribsea African Cichlid Mix Decor: River rocks, artificial driftwood, colored glass rocks, seashells residents: 2...
  18. N


    Greetings, I'm collecting information and hardware to setup a Mbuna tank.  Thus far I've gone to my LSF and started researching these three varieties: Metriaclima Estherae (Red Zebra); Pseudotropheus sp.; Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos.  Will these three species cohabitate well?
  19. Zeoth

    Stocking My 55Gal

    Hey guys! I have an empty 55 Gal, Still going through cycling at the moment however i went to the petstore and put down a list of fish I liked and which id love to keep in there. I tried to make sure alot of the fish that i picked were already stocked togeather at the store.   Pearly White Zebra...
  20. jellychris

    Marine Or Malawi Mbuna

    Hi, I can't decide weather to get a marine tank (90litres or so) or a lake malawi mbuna tank (170litres, 4ft) Both marine and mbuna have pros and cons Marine: expensive coral and live rock, delicate salt levels Mbuna: extra filtration needed, expensive fish I just can't decide, does anyone have...