Terracotta Caves In The Aquarium Pics

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Aug 17, 2013
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Just introduced my terracotta caves to my pets and they love it!
I tried that and I have a lot of bottom dwellers but in my case I had no takers. I use brown, square-section drainpipe angle-pieces and my fish love those.
Your tank looks so cool! Are the pots just stacked on top of each other or did you glue them some how? Also I have one of those stair/cave things in my Bearded Dragon's terrarium :).
I use pots like these in both of my tanks. They are probably the best (and most affordable) caves available to the hobbyist. My bettas love them. I like putting a few inches of substrate into the pot and planting plants so try look like they spilled out of the pots.

I love the way you've got all yours arranged. Very whimsical.
I used Aquarium approved clear silicone waterproof sealant to stack the pots on top of each other after using a tile cutter to cut them in half.  They love it but I can't wait to move to step up to a narrow long length 55 to give them swimming room.  I'm in an apartment so I don't want to go but so big and 55 is a very good size.  Thanks for the comments.

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