1. RRaquariums

    Visit To My Saltwater Lfs

    So took a trip to one of my LFS to pick up 10 yellow tip hermit crabs to start of my clean up crew in the 230 reef build. Anyways while I was there I figured I'd take some pics of his display tank and some of the fish for sale. They aren't the best pics but could be a lot worse ;) Copper...
  2. N

    Terracotta Caves In The Aquarium Pics

    Just introduced my terracotta caves to my pets and they love it!
  3. FreshwaterAfishianado

    Festivum Id (Pics)

    Here are my festivums Bonnie and Clyde, can anyone tell me which species they are?
  4. SmexxyNick

    Took Some More Semi Macro Shots

    Decided to make a Flickr, thought it was more appropriate.
  5. Robbo89

    25 Gallon Planted Community Tank Journal (With Pics)

    Hey all, Going to start a journal for my community tank, starting from day 1 (a very dirty, in poor condition tank) to finished product (hopefully something a bit better than day 1 )   By the end I'd love to have a really cool looking before/after pic, but along the way I'll try to put as many...
  6. Dan Robbins

    Diy 5Ft Aquarium Stand.

    Here is my new 'rustic' aquarium wood stand that i made over the weekend to accommodate my 5x2x2 which is coming during the week. It has since had a good sand and some natural beeswax rubbed into it. Please let me know what you think guys. Also, after buying the aquarium and making the stand, i...