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Christmas 2021 Recipes,

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Oct 9, 2021
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Lake Worth Florida
I will show you my delicious Christmas 2021 recipes! You can post yours as well!

I had a blast making this awesome Christmas dessert! I showed you how to make a delicious White Chocolate Peppermint Pie! Using basic ingredients you can create a jaw dropping pie just in time for Christmas! Perfect Christmas flavors consisting of White Chocolate and Peppermint!
This baking video uses J.R. Watkins Peppermint extract which gives it a authentic peppermint flavor. Jeremy Stellhorn has the peppermint extract and the authentic vanilla extract as well!
Be sure to watch this video in it's entirety to get the recipe and see how to make it! Enjoy!
This is my Holiday Fruitcake. Everyone uses them as doorstops. My husband hid the recipe. Will post later when I can find it.
Hey :)
Very probably a traditional Provencal Christmas eve dinner even if not definitely decided yet.
It's fat free....in your dreams!
"Fat Free Cream Cheese" is an oxymoron
This was a really F-U-N video to do!! I had a blast discussing the Christmas food dishes and traditions from around the world! I discussed traditonal Christmas foods from United States of America, Canada, France, Itay, Asia, and more! I also discussed my favorite Christmas desserts and my Christmas food traditions. I gave out 2 awesome Italian recipes! Get my delicious Calamari Marinara which is perfect over linguine and Pannetone Bread Pudding recipes! I apoligize for some of the minor glitches and tech issues during the live stream.
Had a BLAST hosting this Christmas themed episode of Ask Chef Alex LIVE! To date, this is the most viewed live broadcast yet. Thank you to everyone who tuned in LIVE and provided some laughs and questions! I had a few good cooking and baking questions to answer! You can still ask questions in the comments and I will answer them before Christmas. Be sure to answer my questions as well.
I gave out some amazing cooking tips. Find out some Christmas Entree reccomendations from me, and find out how to make the perfect prime rib! I also gave out Christmas Dessert ideas as well as perfect cookie baking tips! 3 amazing recipes... Cannoli Cream Pie, Italian Cookies, and Reese's Pieces cookies!
Watch the video anytime at your convience and enjoy!
Click the link below to enjoy.

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