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Black Molly has white spots

Discussion in 'Tropical Fish Emergencies' started by Conkiewonky, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Conkiewonky

    Conkiewonky New Member

    May 6, 2019
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    AABA1037-D1B1-447D-9B19-B7F2DD675339.jpeg AABA1037-D1B1-447D-9B19-B7F2DD675339.jpeg My black Molly has white spots not sure what they are and was wondering if anyone could help. The fish is eating and swimming normally and all the other fish in my tank seem fine. The white spots don’t appear to look as much on the photos but it is hard to take a picture as I never seem to catch him when he’s still

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  2. Naughts

    Naughts Fish Crazy

    Jun 2, 2019
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    Please can you post current test results for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? Also what is your GH, KH pH and temperature?
    It maybe looks like it's just pigmentation. Has he always been the same or has it developed recently?
    His fins look a little ragged and maybe clamped so I would definitely recommend upping your water changes- 75% now then 50% every other day for a week or two. Incorporate gravel cleaning, filter rinsing (in tank water not tap water) and glass/ decor cleaning too.
    If you do get a clearer picture please post it.
    All the best.
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