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Bamaplants.com (Us Website)

Discussion in 'Online Retailers' started by EllieJellyEllie, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. EllieJellyEllie

    Aug 29, 2013
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    Bama Plants
    This store was great. The plants arrived healthy, the vals were at least a foot long, the java moss nice and green, as well as the dwarf sag and pygmy chainswords. They sell plenty of plants, inlcuding carnivorous plants, bog plants, and of course, aquarium plants. They also specify whether the plants needs high or low light, a nutrient rich substrate, and what minerals it enjoys in a fertilizer or root tab.
    How long I haved owned this product
    I just got my order yesterday, but I have been chatting with the owner of the site for a week or so now. And like I said, the plants arrived in perfect condition.
    Customer Service
    The customer service was great! I was confused about orders, and then changed my order, and asked him to put some plants online, and then they sold out of a root tab, but they notified me when some came in and I ordered. If that confused anyone, it was an amazing.
    • Plants were healthy
    • Great Customer Service
    • Lots of selection
    • Small business, may run out of product you want
    • Grow most of plants, availability flucuates
    :nod: Would recommend

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