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Feb 4, 2013
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Arkstores via Amazon UK Marketplace
I have only ever used them via, although I note they do also have their own website, which I found very slow when I went to look at it for this review – at this point not sure if this is a regular occurrence 

I have ordered from Arkstores via Amazon UK a number of times in reference to the SuperFish Nano Heater Length 17cm 50W.  I have always found them to be the fastest and generally the cheapest for these heaters.  If Amazon defaults to another supplier, I always look for Arkstores as my selection.  Other stores with “free delivery” of the product have taken over a week, up to 10 days, Arkstores I usually find is with me within 2-3 days.
 [SIZE=10.5pt]How long have you owned this product?[/SIZE]
·         I have a large quantity of these heaters and have now owned them for about 2 years.
[SIZE=10.5pt]Customer Service (if a store or online retailer)[/SIZE]
On one occasion the heater I received was faulty as it was not regulating the temperature correctly.  NB: this is very rare as this is an excellent heater (may do a review on the heater at a later date).  I therefore sent an email through to Arkstores via Amazon.
They called me the next morning to check if I was familiar with the heater and to run some tests.  The person who called me knew that I had ordered before and was familiar with my previous statements about the heater.  He was therefore accepting of my ability to know if a heater was faulty, he just needed to check, and another was sent out to me with immediate effect.  Sorry I cannot recall if a label was sent to return the faulty heater but I know it was sent back.
·         Generally the cheapest
·         Free P&P
·         Fastest Delivery
·         Excellent Customer Service
·         Not aware of any I can recall
[SIZE=10.5pt]Rating [/SIZE]
Would recommend [SIZE=10.5pt]
[/SIZE][SIZE=10.5pt] [/SIZE]
NB: please do not confuse them with this review for Arkpetsonline (based in Maidstone), they are not the same company being based in Dorset.
TIP: I always Google a company if I am going to order something large from them.  You will see that there are no negative reviews for the company I am reviewing (as far as I could see) vs the other one with a similar name previously reviewed by “baker360360” (as above).

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