9th tank decision

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Feb 6, 2023
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Pennsylvania U.S.
Hi everyone,
I'm having a hard time deciding on which way to go with my ninth tank....
Its a 150 gallon currently running with a pleco and a handful of zebras .
My decision is between;
1st option- A Frontosa focused tank I'd like 8-9 fronts ( i currently have 3 in my 125 African community tank over 2 years which i would place in the new tank) i would like to add with some cave and shell dwellers.
2nd option- 5-6 Geophagus Tapajos/Angels/Electric Blue Acaras/Cory's (I currently have a breeding pair of EB Acaras and 8 Angels in a 60 gallon which I'd move over.
I've never owned Geophagus and am starting to love them. With that said, my Frontosa were purchased at the same time as my haps and peacocks. They're outgoing the haps and peacocks but are constantly stressed by the tank boss. Being corralled with the others. None have any physical damage at all. They are too big but stressed.
I would appreciate your opinion on which way to go.
I currently have;
125 African community
150 predator (Two Tanks)
60 angel and EB Acaras
60 gallon Mbunas (Two tanks)
36 gallon grow out tank for the EB Acaras
30 hospital tank
Thank you in advance ☺

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