water changes

  1. Jan Cavalieri

    How does your life work with a R/O water filter for fish tanks?

    I have so many water problems - I was so scientific about how I cycled my tanks and now two have completely lost their cycle (the two others did too but I managed to get them back under control - knock on wood). But I get the feeling everybody is sick of hearing about my outrageous ammonia...
  2. K

    Algae bloom problem - advice please

    I would like some advice since I am fairly new to the fish world. I have a 36 gal bow front freshwater tank that has been cycled since May. I am in a Chicago suburb & we have hard water here (Lake Michigan). My PH is 8.0, Ammonia is 0, Nitrite 0 & Nitrate 5.0. I have 4 live plants, driftwood & 2...
  3. S

    Chloramines & Nitrates Paradox

    Hey guys: Been reading for years, this is my first post. I've been in and out of the hobby for 30+ years, so I'm not a newbie. But there's always something around the corner that makes me feel like one! I have a 29 gallon heavily stocked freshwater tank with no live plants. Filter is a DIY...
  4. Jan Cavalieri

    BIG problem with Ammonia

    Not so long ago I had PERFECT water in all my tanks, zero's on everything and PH was right at 7 -it was all wonderful. Then I got very sick for two weeks and was unable to do weekly water changes. As I recovered I tested the waters and found that EVERY tank had a huge ammonia increase. Started...
  5. Ash Paws

    Water changes

    Hi guys, I was wondering how many times a week I should do a water change for my betta, Pence. He is in a 5.5 gallon with a Topfin Silenstream Power Filter 10. I was thinking since his tank is pretty small probably twice weekly or once weekly? Please share your opinions Ash
  6. scotty027

    Nitrite problems

    Hello everyone, i need some advice on fishless cycling.I'll give information about my tank before stating the problem. 46 gallon running a penguin 150 biowheel and a fluval c4 hob filter planted tap water readings 0/0/0 ammonia-old country (5 percent) Lots of seeding material So i'm in the...
  7. twintanks

    Bottle Sizes: Dechlorinators, Etc

    Now that I am (or will be) regularly maintaining two instead of one tank, I'm becoming conscious of the small bottle-sizes of dechlorinator and general water-tonic solutions on the market.  For years I've used Tapsafe for the dechlorinator and also an Interpet General Tonic for background...
  8. M

    Possible Ammonia Poisoning

    I have 2 large oranda goldfish in a 40 gallon tank and have had just the two of them for several years now. I recently got behind in my otherwise routine water changes and noticed one of the fish gasping at the surface, floating on his right side with frayed fins, a cloudy eye (the one at the...
  9. V

    Newbie Questions

    My daughter has a 2.5 gallon tank for her Betta.  I was reading the care guide ( http://www.fishforums.net/index.php?/topic/423362-betta-splendens-caresheet/) and it says to do a 100% water change every 4-5 days in an uncycled tank.  uh oh!  The tank is just over two weeks old and I havent...
  10. mrstwalker

    New To Treating Tap Water. Please Help!

    Hi everyone! It has been such a long time since I have posted! Anyway, I have a question for anyone that can help!    I have been blessed to live in an area that only uses well water. And because of this, I have never had to buy the water treatments. I just put the water in the tank and let it...
  11. J

    How Much Water To Change After Tank Is Finished Cycling?

    Hello all this is my first post so bare with me here. I'm new to the aquarium world so I have a few questions I started cycling my 10gal betta tank over 2 months and 2 weeks ago. I am doing a fishless cycle with pure ammonia and my ammonia was dropping from 4ppm to 0ppm in about 12hours so I...
  12. B

    Water Changes?

    I've had my tank for about 8 months now and carry out 10%  water changes twice weekly. A few older guys I know who have had tanks for years have said I should let the water sit in buckets for 2 days to let the chlorine etc evaporate. Is this correct or am I better to add some form of "tap safe"...
  13. Dandx13

    Faster/easier Water Changes

    Hey everyone, I was just browsing through home depot when i found a product that actually makes my life easier. It was strenuous on my back to constantly be loading buckets of treated water into my 125 gallon tank. This electric syphon is only about $15 and just wanted to share this with anyone...
  14. R

    Fish-In Cycling - When To Water Change & How Much?

    So as some of you may already know, I have a 30L tank containing 1 Betta and 2 Mystery Snails.   I got the Betta as a surprise for my Birthday (thanks Mum) and I had nothing proper to house him in, hence we are now doing a fish-in cycle. Went into my LFS yesterday to complain about the lousy...
  15. P

    Water Changes

    Should you remove the fish from the tank when you do water changes, in particular large water changes like 75%?
  16. rpgmomma8404

    Water Changes, Question?

    I was talking to the friend who got me interested in fish again. I told her that I started doing water changes on my tanks twice a week (Monday's and Thrusday's). She said that seems like it's a bit much.   This is the same person who seems to continue to tell me about fish dying or her oscar...
  17. jessithebuckeye

    Freshwater Cloudy Water/water Change Advice Needed!

    Hello! (Main question in bold if you don't want to read the whole back story!)     A quick back story, I purchased a Gold Dust Molly from Petco after my Betta passed away because they said it would be okay in a 2.5 gal filtered tank. (THANKS A LOT, PETCO!) Anyways, one day later she had 14 fry...
  18. Voxcharm

    Using Rain Water In Tank

    Hey Interested to hear people's experience of using rain water. I am conscious of being as Eco friendly as possible and have heard good things about using rain water for water changes particularly if your tank ph tends to be on higher side. (My 50 litre/12 US gallon tank tends to sit at around...
  19. M

    Fry And Ghost Shrimp. Plz Help

    I have 7 guppy fry, born sunday i noticed my guppy having 2 in my main tank so i immediatley took her outand placed her in my 5 gal tank she had the babies and then i moved her back in the many tank later that night. BUT i put my pregnant ghost shrimpin there 3 days prior and i noticed after my...