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  1. V

    No!! Unexpected swim in peace!!

    I had a betta in a 5 gallon, with heater and filter. The other day I realized she was acting really lethargic. I realized her heater wasn't working like it was supposed to. So, since this was an emergency situation, I took the heater from my other tank to place it in her tank, so she didn't...
  2. V

    What do you use for temperature?

    I heard that heaters could break easily, but mine has a 15-year guarantee so I'm not too worried about it. It has the temperature on it but that can be a little hard to read, so I have a stick-on external temperature marker. Idk what else I'd use. The heater lights up when warming up the water.
  3. B

    Aquarium Fish that can survive in a temperature range of 70°F-95F°

    I've almost finished cycling my 70G tank now, and was originally going to buy some Oscars or Birchir or Barbs for it but when I tried sticking a thermometer in my tank today it reads 93°F. It would probably get up to 95°F on a hot summer afternoon. It's summer now, and in winter the water could...
  4. Fishworks

    Acriflavine and Temperature

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!, My buddy got me a betta this holiday season. However, I notice the betta has some velvet parasite on it. Already did some research and I choose to treat using Acriflavine. At my location, it is easy to get and cheap too. I want to set the temperature to 30C...
  5. Linkandnavi

    Tank Temp in Heat Wave - Best to Just Leave Things Be?

    We're having something of a heatwave here in London and very few houses in the UK have aircon (mind does not!). I have fans running in my three "fish rooms" but the room temp is still sitting at 27c in the rooms with tetras, gouramis, bettas and my ranchu goldfish, with tank temps also sitting...
  6. Meg0000

    High temperature in summer abd crystal red shrimps

    TEMPERATURE Hi, I will be moving my 10 gallon aquarium in the dining room this winter, the problem is that the temperature of this room gets up to 26°c in summer. I have chrystal red shrimps, is it too high for them? If it is I will be transfering them in my 55 gallon, the temperature in this...
  7. Guyb93

    Changed filter maybe disturbing my temperature?

    Hi all as posted a few days ago I have changed my filter To a fx4 opted to save a few pounds and not get the fx6 a few days into running it I have noticed a drop in my tank temperature from 80f to around 76-77f probably a better temperature for the fish but not the temperature they have lived at...
  8. fishstyles

    Reccomended Temperature Advice

    Hello there, I have a fully cycled 300 litre tank which consists of Colombian Red Fin Tetras, Black Phantom Tetras, Golden Barbs and Albino Corydoras. I however just added some Bolivian Rams in which the store I got them from claimed they'll be well suited for that tank. The question I have is...
  9. Meg0000

    Tank temperature+ stocking

    Hi, I would like to make sure the temperature of my tank is ok and if I can lower it a bit because I would like to get another school of corys in the futur (probably not so soon as I have other fish I want to get in that tank before) and the temperature that my tank is at now limits my options...
  10. J

    Water too warm. Inaccurate thermometer?

    Background: I just purchased this 5.5 gallon tank kit and began cycling today. I've used quick start, stress coat, and a bit of fish flakes. The filter, heater, and thermometer are installed, but only the filter is plugged in for now. I rinsed and added black sand, and the tank is filled...
  11. F

    Help with aquarium heater?

    I need some opinions on what to do regarding my aquarium heater. I have a 3.5 gallon tank and the Aqueon 10W mini heater. My thermometer (which I’m not sure I fully trust, but anyway) says that when I leave the heater plugged in the water gets up to about 83 degrees Fahrenheit. It stays...
  12. Barry Tetra

    How to lower water temp?

    I have lots of fishes; Black ghost, discus, angelfish, silver dollar, goldfish, rosy barb, kuhli, betta, swordtails, ram, pleco, loaches (clown and kubotai loach) My country temp is 35c (95F) Questions; 1. Which fish should be kept in lower temp? 2. Is there anyway to lower the temp with out...
  13. Tttay89

    My friend accidentally had his filter AND heater off for two weeks!!! HELP

    Right... My friend is getting rid of his fish and tank and moved It into his kitchen two weeks ago. I assumed he filled it up again when he moved it down...however... I went there yesterday to rehome some of his fish. And I was shocked to see it only half full with no water pumping through the...
  14. S

    Best heater for 110 gallon tank

    I have a 110 gallon tank that I'm currently trying to heat but while I was looking for one to buy I kept getting varied reviews. What would be the best heater for me to buy for my tank, on both accuracy and temperature control.
  15. E

    Starting new tank with established water

    Hi guys, I’ve just set up a 180 litre tank, and I used about 25 litres of well established tank water. The tank took a while to heat up to 24 degrees Celsius (overnight). I’ve added safe start bacteria, as well as tap safe and added some fish food for ammonia. I also placed 3 moss balls from...
  16. C

    Question regarding Swordtails.

    I have a group of swordtails in a tank at the moment 1 male and 5 females in a 35 gallon tank. One of my neon swords is possibly gravid at this point and I have a question regarding water temperatures. Does anybody have any information in regards to the best water temperatures to keep the tank...
  17. I

    Goldfish and plec tank

    Hi there, basically I’ve got a tank that I’ve had set up a while and over time my fish have eventually passed on but i have still got left my full size bristlenose plec and I was wondering if I was to slowly reduce the temperature from about 25 to 23 degrees Celsius if I would be able to have...
  18. L

    Help with temperatures please

    Hi, i have recently set up a 135l tank its been cycling for nearly 4 weeks so yesterday i put my first group of fish in. I thought the water felt cold (i keep meaning to buy a thermometer) so i bought another heater. Currently I have 2 200w heaters on either side of the tank at 30 degrees C...
  19. T

    Unusual water change help

    So I know how to normally change my betta's water when his tank and the new water are the same temperature. The issue is I live in a dorm with no AC so I have a fan on his little tank so the temperature doesn't go too high. However, because of the fan on his water, the water I want to add is a...
  20. V

    Dealing with ich on a swordtail

    Hi everyone, I have a female swordtail who was a bit stressed in our community tank (we have two male swordtails and one female), so I moved her so a small planted tank on her own. She immediately seemed happier there, but came down with a case of ich, though there were only a few spots. I'm...