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  1. ella777

    Eel species?

    What type of fish is this? I thought he was a peacock eel, I looked at a few more pictures and he doesn't seem to have the 'eyes' on his body.
  2. Lo Ki Gorgeous

    Do you know what kind of pleco this is?

    Hi guys I recently got a 54 litre (14.2 gallons) aquarium from the Danish equivalent of Craigslist. It had this beautiful pleco in it and the lady said that she THINKS he (or she) is fully grown. He/she is about 9-10 cm (3.5 - 3.9 inches) As far as I know most plecos can get quite big.. Is...
  3. Falconwithaboxon

    What Pleco Species Is This?

    I've had a pleco since August and I have no idea what type he is. I got him from PetSmart but there was no species listed, all it says is Pleco (Large). It said his minimum tank size is 20 gallons but a lot of the PetSmart listings seem to be incorrect. I need to know because I'm not sure if...
  4. A

    Urgent! Is this a Thicklip or a Honey Gourami?

    I have 4 gouramis that I ordered from Live Aquaria. They were listed as Honey Gourami (Colisa chuna). Did i get Thicklip Gouramis shipped to me instead? This one pictured is about 1.5 inches in length. I have an Aquamaxx 22 long (36in*12in*12in) and it will not be enough for thicklips I think. I...
  5. casdeswinchester

    Help, is my fish a jaguar cichlid or dovii?

    I brought two fish from my local pet store one is a male jaguar cichlid but the female looks like a dovii, the female is very agrressive towards the jaguar male. She is only about 6" right now, if she is a dovii i will have to return her.
  6. dopey696

    Name That Plant

    I bought this plant from my lfs the other day, it was unlabeled and no one there knew what it was. Can anyone tell me what type of plant this might be?
  7. BaileyNothstine

    Feeding Different Species In Same Tank

    Hi I'm new to this forum, I thought I might try here instead of YahooAnswers    Anyways, I have 4 Goldfish, 4 Balloon Mollies, 2 Zebra Loaches, and a Pleco in the same *large* tank.  I feed my Goldfish Goldfish flakes, Mollies "tropical" fish flakes, Loaches & Pleco a bottom feeder tablet.  I...
  8. Z

    What Type Of Fish Is This?

    Hi can someone help me identify the type Or species of this fish please. I would really appreciate it. Thanks https://db.tt/oktcjeUa https://db.tt/oiRrQkF5
  9. Crossfire

    The Many Different Species Of Kuhli Loach

    Hello!   Many people do not know, but there not a singular species of Kuhli Loach, but in fact, many. Due to their common appearance, most fish retailers will dump all sorts of Kuhli species into one tank and label them all as "Kuhli Loach".    This articles is a means to help any Kuhli owner...
  10. Talfox

    I Have Fry! I Wonder Who The Parents Are.

    So This is honestly the first time I've hatched any sort of fish egg or bred egg laying fish. I have seven cory catfish in one of my tanks of three different colors, I found some eggs glued to the side of the tank and scraped them off to save them as my female bettas had eaten most of them...
  11. K

    Male Platy Doesn't Show Much Interest In Females?

    I got a gorgeous  (handsome?) male platy today, along with a calico female and a sunset burst female. This may be too early to mention, but he doesn't seem to be paying much attention to the females. He seems like he kind of half-courts the calico, but he nips aggressively at the sunset burst...
  12. S

    Setting Up A New Cory Tank

    Hey,   I'm planning on setting up a cory tank in a Juwel Rio 240 it's 240 litres that's roughly 66 or so gallons for you Americans. I was thinking about going with black pool filter sand for the substrate. I'm curious to find out other peoples opinions on the best species to get and how many I...
  13. fishkeeper207

    What Species Is This Fish?