1. S

    Moldy Betta

    I purchased a veil tail female today. When I got her I noticed her fins were a bit clamped( at least that’s what I thought. I’m not for sure that’s what it is) however there was nothing else that caught my eye as alarming. I took her home to place her into my heated/planted/cycled 10 gallon...
  2. T

    Sick Cherry Barb?

    I recently finished cycling my planted tank and last night I bought my first installment of fish, six cherry barbs. A few facts about the tank: 30g L Planted with Fluval substrate 2 sponge filters Cycled for 6 weeks Currently no ammonia, nitrite, or nitrates. Just to be safe, I added the...
  3. H

    Can a sick fish infect snails?

    I'm thinking of putting a snail or two in my second tank which I use to hold sick, injured, or pregnant fish. Is it fine to add some snails to clean up a bit even if I have a sick fish in there?
  4. M

    Fish keep dying

    I have had a tank for about a year now and I can't get my livebearers to stay alive. They keep getting sick even though ammonia, nitriate, and nitrite levels are 0. Temperature is 81 F and ph is 7.7, right where the mollies need it. The tank is 20 gal, I usually buy 4 or 5 fish at first. I have...
  5. B

    Betta stressed or sick?Need help!

    So,I've had my betta Eros for about a two weeks and he was in great health at the time.I made sure to clean his tank and decorations before placing them inside and I added conditioner to the tap water.I allowed the water to be filtered for about a week before getting him and dosed the water with...
  6. misshedge

    Guppy turning black... ish?

    My male fancy guppy (Slash) has been doing absolutely fine, and I've had him for about four weeks or so. Although, just recently, I've noticed a spot on the front of his dorsal fin that has turned solid black in the morning, and a more transparent grey in the evenings. It is also on a thin line...
  7. Thatg1r1

    Is my Goldfish sick?

    Hi everyone, My goldfish whose name is Ginger is acting odd! Sorry if you're having dinner but for the last few days Ginger has been releasing some rather strange poopies, mostly long and white until today and now its very clear and bubbly. I have attached a photo. His appetite is as big as...
  8. GobyMaster11276

    Goldfish Problems

    Hi everyone. Yesterday I went out and bought six goldfish (three shubunkins and three red capped orandas). Anyway, after I added them in, I noticed that one of the orandas was being seriously harassed by my old fish, and had a few bits of its tail missing. I decided I would separate it from the...
  9. B

    Major Fin Rot, Progressed To Severe Body Rot! Need Advice Asap

    This betta is in really bad shape, I've never seen a fish with fin rot this severe. So I got the fish a little over two weeks ago from a prof at my university who uses Betta in behavior studies. When I got him he was already missing about 50% of his fins from a previous bout of fin rot but the...
  10. S

    My Fishies Died :((((((

    About a month ago, I got a betta fish for my birthday named Jack. He was in a 1 gallon tank, and to be honest I didn't really clean it very often. But he was doing great! Then a couple of days ago, my brother came home and convinced me I needed to get a bigger tank. We went to Walmart. and while...