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Dying/Dead Juvenile Axolotyl

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Jul 17, 2020
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I have had my pink axolotyl for a month. I never put him in his tank because the tank wasn’t fully cycled when we got him. So we have been keeping him in small quarantine containers since we got him. We have made 100% water changes once a day. We kept the tank around 62 degrees F. We fed him frozen bloodworms until the fourth week when we started feeding him frozen brine shrimp. In the third week he was eating more reluctantly so we started to switch over to brine shrimp because we figured they were easier for him to eat. He ate some of them but was still hesitant with food. He pooped every day or every other day. He never exhibited any signs of spotting or fungus, but the right side of his abdomen was bloated. When he would swim around he was wobbly, and he would often flip upside down and we would help him flip back over. Today, he was very lethargic when yesterday he was swimming around fine. He was extremely pale, almost white. There was no color on his fins. We came back down 30 minutes later and he was flipped upside down. We figured he was too tired to flip himself back over like he had been getting better at so we helped him. We have always washed our hands thoroughly before touching him and we only touched him to quickly change containers or to help him flip back over. Then we came back down a little bit later and he was rigid. His limbs were a little bit curled and his mouth was open. He wasn’t floating. We moved him into the fridge in case he has any life left in him. Does anybody have any idea as to what may have happened? We kept him in a dark container so I don’t think it was the light that stressed him out. Also if we were making water changes every day it couldn’t have been the water. We were putting a drop of Prime in his water every time we changed it. Is there something else that could have caused his sickness?
I have no idea about amphibian disease I'm afraid :( I don't know if any members keep axolotls......
I'll move to the better section for you.

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