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  1. Tacocat

    Fish sitting at top of tank with red gills

    What the title says. I already did a water change and the fish are still wacky. I thought it might be oxygen deprivation bc the co2 was way too high, so I turned it off, but the fish are still there. They are also weirdly unreative to my hand, as I can just put it there and scoop them up with...
  2. T

    Iridescent rainbow tail guppy

    Thought I’d share this pretty female guppy with all colours of the rainbow in her tail 😊
  3. Linkandnavi

    White (slightly stringy) lips on two Boesemani Rainbows

    Hi all, Two of my Boesemani Rainbows have developed white growths on their upper lips. It appears slightly stringy/cottony. I`m just getting a quarantine tank up to temperature and will transfer them over. That said, I`ve been looking extensively online and from the descriptions it could...
  4. mmarx339

    Rainbow fish curved back

    Okay so to start. I had a 20 gallon tank that had 1 beta 2 cory cats and 1 turquoise rainbow fish. The tank sat that way from January ish to about a couple weeks ago. I then added 2 dwarf rainbows 2 boesemani rainbows and 2 more female betas. Everything seemed fine then I eventually noticed that...
  5. E

    55 Gallon - How's my stocking?

    Hi guys, wanted to know peoples opinions on my stocking level, as I think I have some issues regarding my rainbows... 6 x Melanotaenia praecox (2M/4F) 3 x Melanotaenia lucastris (3M - though aggression is minimal) 1 x Melanotaenia boesmani (1F - Hybrid - thought to be a lacustris when bought...
  6. E

    Is this Boesmani female a hybrid?

    Is this female Boesmani a hybrid? The video doesn't do it justice, but she goes like completely dark blue when laying eggs.
  7. E

    Rainbow ID - Boesmani? Sold as Turquoise

    http://imgur.com/a/Nbr3CFD Hello, is this a female or juvenile Boesmani? It was sold as a turquoise and looked like one in the shop, but now in the tank at home I'm thinking it's a boesmani.
  8. E

    Lone Rainbow Shark with Rainbows

    Hi again. Just looking for a little insight as to how this setup might sound for a 55 gallon (hard water at 13 degrees G, near 7 pH, 101cm x 41cm x 50cm, live plants, lots of driftwood). I currently have: 8 Bronze Corys 6 Duplicareus Corys 6 Otocinclus 6 Neon Dwarf Rainbows I was wondering...
  9. E

    Suggestions: Tankmates for non-competitive fish?

    Hi guys. I currently have a 55 gallon aquarium (101cm x 41cm x 50cm) up and running with the following fish: 8 Bronze Corys 6 Corydoras duplicareus 4 Amano Shrimp 6 Otocinclus (Soon) and I might be getting some Psuedomugil luminatus (Red Neon Rainbow) soon. My water is fairly hard, and my pH...
  10. SteakNShrimp

    Rainbow Fish recommendations

    I’m not completely familiar with all the types/colors of Rainbow Fish, but I’d like a few in my 55g. Anyone know some nice looking Rainbow Fish that will grow to a max of 4-5 in? I want to get each one with a different color, so probably 5 different species...preferably that can be easily...
  11. SteakNShrimp

    Fish Food For Color?

    I was just wandering what food I could feed my rainbow fish/future rainbow fish or maybe even any other fish that might bring out there color? Are there any fruits or vegetables that might work?
  12. E

    Rainbowfish ID help

    Anyone know what this is? Is it just a very green turquoise?
  13. E

    Stocking a 55 Gal

    Hi guys, made a few of these posts in the past but I think I finally have it sussed what I want! - Adolfoi Cory x6 - Bronze Cory x6 - Silver Hatchetfish x8 - Neon Dwarf Rainbow x6 - Red Neon Rainbow (Pseudomugil luminatus) x6 - Siamese Algae Eater (True SAE) x1 (or x3 if you think its...
  14. E

    55 Gallon Rainbow Tank

    Hi guys, I'm going to be setting up a 55 gal soon, and wanted some suggestions on which rainbowfish I could get. Any suggestions? My water is hard so they seem the best choice! I've been looking at: Neon Dwarfs Turquoise Irian Reds Pseudomugil furcatus Pseudomugil luminatus Thanks!
  15. E

    Community Rainbow tank (Pseudomugil and Others)

    Hi guys, has anyone had any experience with having a community tank of mixed rainbow species? i have a 55 gallon which I want to have the following: either pseudomugil furcata or Pseudomugil luminatus irian reds turqoise rainbows dwarf neons Boosemanis adolfoi cory bronzs cory maybe a trio of...
  16. Fish345

    Stocking Ideas For 55 gallon

    I have so far... 1x Angelfish 2x Dwarf Gourami 1x Rainbow Shark 3x Mollies 6x Albino Cory Thinking of maybe some tetras?? Idk. The tank is planted with sand and manzanita wood.
  17. Doomchibi

    Rainbowfish with Spotted Pictus? Please!

    I have asked this question many times over the past maybe 5 years of my serious interest in fishkeeping. I have not once gotten more than a half-hearted "I guess." as a response. PLEASE! If anyone has any possible answer, experience, or knows of anyone who might I would very, very much...
  18. S

    Bigger tank, stocking ideas?

    Our 20 gallon sprang a leak so we got a 36 gallon bowfront. I used water and filter media from my old tank to cycle and it's been two weeks, no losses. It's a planted tank, though some of my swords and anubias from the 20g look puny right now lol. We have: 1 BN albino pleco 3 julli cories (I...
  19. M

    Random? Rainbow Deaths

    250l tank 2 x externals Set up 3 years Weekly 40% water changes All water tested normal, as good as it could be with our tap water Temp is normally 25 ish but was 27 yest when problem started Did have 4 red line torpedoes 4 blue rainbow 3 banded rainbow 2 boesmani rainbow I clown pleco 3 cory...
  20. mrstwalker

    Fish Brag! Monster Rainbow Trout

    A rainbow trout my husband caught in a wild stream in NC. Beautiful monster fish!