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  1. Stefan3289

    Just added plants, advice for cleaning and maintaining?

    Hello all, I talked a lot to @Byron on a separate form that was relating to one of my sick mollies about plants as well, but I decided I make a new forum so others can also find it easier I have just added some water sprite and cryptocoryne to my 29 gallon tank with mollies. What I did was...
  2. Rubys.aquatics

    Fish tank shelf

    Here is my current fish tank shelf, what do you guys think? I feel like something is missing, I might add a planted shrimp bowl on the top of the shelf.
  3. R

    Help me with tetras?

    I'm experienced in fishkeeping. I'm redoing my aquarium, and having a tetra tank of about 100 tetras. I know the general rule is 6+ per kind of tetra. Would I be able to do 4 of each kind up to 100 fish? Would this work? I know less than 6 of each kind usually means there could be aggression but...
  4. crupp29

    Suitable Light for Planted 20 Gallon Hexagon Tank

    We have a 20 gallon hexagon tank (~15" across, ~20" high) that currently has fake plants and we want to transition it into all live plants. Right now, we have a fluorescent light bulb and we are looking into getting an LED light instead. I have the NICREW Classic LED Plus for my own tank and it...
  5. A

    Video 2g low tech ghostshrimp and cpd fry tank

    check out the video i did of me setting it up. no filter, but i put an airstone in there to push nutrients around. ultra low light. picture represents 6 months of growth. ghost shrimp love it. babies everywhere.
  6. Snoyo1

    Substrate for planted tank

    Hi everyone! I’m picking up my 250L tank tomorrow and I’m wanting to have a lot of live plants. I’m wondering what would be the best substrate for a planted tank. I wanted to get the Carib sea eco complete but I can’t find it anywhere online. I don’t think any aquarium shops near me sell it...
  7. tonitetra

    How to add CO2 to a fresh water tank

    Okay so I have a 45 gallon planted tank with some discus. I am about to try and create a moss carpet. I want to add some CO2 to the water for the plants. My plants are growing fine now but I really want them to flourish. So I am wondering what’s the best way to add CO2 and how much do I add...
  8. tonitetra

    Creating a moss carpet

    I really want to get a moss carpet in my tank. I tried to buy one online but they are only sold in like 5"-10" pieces. I have a 45 gallon so i would definitely need more than that. I know that I can buy some moss and sandwich it between two pieces of mesh, but can i do the same with moss seeds...
  9. S

    Zebra Danio having difficulting swiming

    This seemed to have recently started and im not quite sure what the cause is. He seems to be still fairly active but he's swimming by like wiggling and keeps flipping upside down. His fins are all intact so I know that's not the issue. I'm not sure whats going on or how serious this is so any...
  10. S

    Snails shells dissolving

    My nerite snails shells have been slowly been getting eaten away by my water. I have well water that comes in for my use and the fish tank is planted. I had been feeding them snailoo and I have a cuttlefish bone in the tank. I was wondering if this is enough to promote the regrowth of their...