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  1. H

    New to TFF

    Good morning, I've had tropical fish off and on for over 60 years. At present I have a 55 gallon tank, fairly heavily planted, with the following: 1 old bristlenose plecos and two younger ones 4 Siamese algae eaters 3 little bronze corys (C. aeneus) 5 diamond tetras 4 yoyo loaches and a...
  2. G

    Sad blue pearl dwarf gourami

    He's always been the healthiest one and the king of the tank. Suddenly, for the last couple of weeks he just hangs out in the corner close to the top of the tank. He barely eats. He'll swim around once in awhile but it's only for a couple minutes and he goes right back to the same exact spot...
  3. G

    Pearl Gourami Tailfin Deformed?

    Just picked up a beautiful pearl gourami for my centerpiece a few days ago, but unfortunately just noticed her tailfin is quite different looking than images I found in my research. I'd like to know if this is indeed a deformation, and if so whether this might be a long-term health issue for her.
  4. KatNor21

    Which fish should I get

    Hi, looking for opinions. This is my 38 gallon planted tank and looking to add one more fish species to complete it. Here's what I have: 9 green neon tetras 10 black phantom tetras Amano and red rili shrimp kept at 74-78 degrees 2 HOB Aquaclear 20 filters pH 6.4 GH 300ppm I'm thinking either 2...
  5. Circus

    Skinny Male Pearl Gourami

    So, I have been waiting to see my gourami for a few months, and the signs of sexual maturity have been approaching for a bit. It comes out that I have 2 males and 3 females based upon coloration and interactions. One of the males is starting to look thinner than the other gourami, and I am...
  6. KatNor21

    Please help me decide which gourami

    Hey, I'm posting about my tank again. It's a 30 gallon long, planted. I have 20 neon tetras (10 are neon greens) and 4 endlers. Because of my last thread, I've decided to add gouramis, but trying to decide between 3-4 honey gouramis or 2 female pearl gouramis. I have a fluval 50 filter. My pH is...
  7. Circus

    Split Ventral Fin on Gourami

    Went to feed tonight and was getting ready for the gourami in the qt tank to be moved into the main 55 in the morning. Noticed one of them had something wrong with one of it's ventral fins. It looks like the fin was split down the middle. Maybe the fin got sucked into the filter, or caught on...
  8. Circus

    Fungus? Ich? Me Overreacting?

    I was taking update shots of my current QT tank, and noticed a couple of the pearl gourami have white on their fins. What do you guys think this is, and what can I do to treat it. I have aquarium salt and Paraguard on hand, and the petstore is open for another hour. The fish are all acting...
  9. Circus

    Sexing Pearl Gourami @ Petstore

    I am aiming for 2 male and 3 females, what do you think of this lot?
  10. Meg0000

    Sick pearl gourami?

    Hi, my pearl gourami has very muted colors compared to the usual, he didn't even eat today and he is the dominant fish in the aquarium, he usually push the other pearl gouramis away from the food. I will make updates everyday on the situation. He is the only fish acting weird in the aquarium...
  11. Meg0000

    First pearl gourami bubble nest?

    I just noticed this (picture below) at the surface of my aquarium, could this be the first attempt of my pearl gourami at doing a bubble nest?
  12. Meg0000

    Would keeping only 2 males be an option?

    Hi, I posted on another thread that one of my female pearl gourami died last night due to bullying of my other pearl gourami. :(.The 2 males are now being very mean to the female so I think it might end up the same way as it did for the small female gourami that passed away. Would keeping 2...
  13. Meg0000

    corydoras is injured and pearl gourami problem again

    Hello, one of my bronze cory has a small cut, it is hiding right now so I can't take a picture but I would like to know what I have to do. Also I am back to the same problem one of my 4 pearl gourami is hiding it's the smallest. I was away for a week so I don't know for how long it has been like...
  14. Meg0000

    pearl gourami agressivity

    Hi, I got 2 pearl gourami this weekend. I think they are female but they are still very young so it is hard to tell. I have difficulty taking picture of them because they still hide when I come close to the tank but I will post pictures if I can so maybe someone can confirm they are female. I...
  15. Meg0000

    Pearl gourami issues

    Hi, I made a thread not so long ago about my smallest of the 3 pearl gourami staying behind the filter and I tought everything came back to normal later that day. Actually it got worse, she's staying at the right cornor of the tank almost all day long and today I don't think she even ate so I...
  16. Meg0000

    is she ok?? (pearl gourami acting weird)

    My pearl gourami (the smallest female) is acting weird she stays at the back with the flow of the filter. Could it be because she gets bullied and she feels safe there? It's not like there wasn't other places to hide... (picture below). Maybe she's just weird and likes the flow?
  17. Meg0000

    2 questions (one about corys and the other one about pearl gourami)

    Hello, I have 6 bronze corys all about 1.5 inch and I was wondering if at this size they are already mature and able to breed. Also I have 3 Pearl gourami 1 male 2 female and I would like to have probably one or two more female. Do these kind of fish establish a hierarchy and then I can no...
  18. U

    Small Pearl gourami in 60l (15 gallon)

    Hi, I have a 15 gallon tank and Pearl gouramis are usually not recommended. I however have a female who has already mated before that is less than 3 inches. Will she be fine in the 15 gallon or will she grow more even after maturing? My tank has 4 serpae tetra in as well. She looks like...
  19. Meg0000

    New fish!!!!(picture)

    Hi I brought home 3 pearl gourami from my LFS yesterday. I was supposed to get 4-5 but I will see how it goes with the 1m 2f. I knew they were pretty fish but I never really looked at them in person and they are 10x better!! My tank is still a bit cloudy and when I go at the front of my tank...
  20. Corydoras_Catwoman

    75g Tank Stocking

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong category...i wasn't sure where to put it. I'm looking at setting up a 75gal tank (probably a long) at some point in the future. It will be heavily planted with driftwood and plenty of hiding places. Im looking at stocking it with some of the following...