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nitrogen cycle

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  1. sn0wlvlan

    Help! New Walstad, High Ammonia & Nitrates!

    I've recently setup a new 24gallon Walstad tank. Day 3 and 4 in, I'm seeing high ammonia and nitrate values. Daily water changes, but still high. Your valuable opinions are appreciated! Details below: DIRT: 0.5 - 1 inch (normal garden soil with no fertilizer and removed organic matters, mixed...
  2. V

    Sponge filter assistance

    I just got a sponge filter since my other filter stopped working. Even though the main filter is malfunctional, I don't want to remove it right away because I could risk crashing the cycle. So, how long after having the sponge filter in can I take out the broken filter? Another problem. The...
  3. FrezhFinz

    Came home from work to a dead fishy :(

    I had three tiger barbs in my ten gallon one of them was trying to become alpha it seems and was attacking one of the other tiger barbs so I removed the aggressive tiger barb and put him in another tank and then the next day I come home from work and the fish that was attacked by the aggressive...
  4. V

    Failed to cycle- now doing fish in

    My tank has failed to cycle after adding an ammonia source daily, nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia all stayed at 0. I've done it for two months now with no results, so I decided I'm going to do a fish in cycle. I did a water change. My fish should be fine as long as I add Prime in every day. But...
  5. V

    Are these good results for almost 2 weeks into cycling?

    Ammonia used to be at like 1 but now it's back to nothing. Maybe because I've been a little sloppy and forgetful with adding it. I added more after these results.
  6. M

    ammonia = zero, after 1 week?

    Hi, new to having fish and learning about cycling. I have a 5 gallon tank. I am doing a fishless cycling. I've been putting in fish pellets and blood worms everyday for 1 week to create ammonia. I tested ammonia after 7 days and it's at zero. Nitrite and nitrate is also zero. Tested again...
  7. Z

    Nitrogen Cycle help

    Hello, I am new here and new to the hobby. I know this was a rookie mistake but I went online and bought a 20 gallon tank off someone, wasn't until shortly before I got there that I found out it had fish in it!!! The fish were bagged and the tank was about 80% emptied. I brought it home, set up...
  8. P

    fish-IN cycle stalled or steadily progressing?

    hello, I've been cycling a 29 gallon tank since 2-26-21 and i added several zebra danios a few days later after adding TSS+ and yes i know the fish-in method isn't a method ill do again as i am currently cycling 2 other tanks with pure ammonia (another 29 gallon and a 10 gallon QT tanks.) i...
  9. MrSix18

    10 years into the hobby, and i’m LOST!!

    hey guys! new to the forum as i’ve completed gave up trying to figure out the issue myself, and my LFS is absolutely zero help. currently have over 600 gallons of tanks ranging from 3 125 gallon tanks, 2 75’s, 2 29 gallon, and a 40 breeder hospital tank all in my detached garage/fish room.. i...
  10. S

    Help with planted/silent cycle

    Hello, I'm trying to get the fishless cycle right on a new tank, but I've run in to one or two problems. I'm using the fish food method as a source of ammonia, but I'm five days in and seeing relatively low levels of ammonia (0.25ppm rising to 0.5ppm today). I've been testing daily and adding...
  11. H

    Cycling for new 10 gallon tank is stuck?

    Hi, I've got a 10 gallon tank set up for a betta fish, and of course I've been trying to cycle it before I get my fish. I used API quick start after adding about 4 ppm of pure ammonia, thinking that would get the cycle happening quickly. But it's been about two weeks now, and it seems like my...
  12. X

    Cycling my fish tank with fish in them and need help (stuck on nitrite stage)

    So I'm trying to cycle my 29 gallons with fish in them, I bought pretty hardy fish but think I got too many in there for it to cycle well. I currently have 5 guppies, 1 platy, and a spotted catfish. I recently moved them from my ten-gallon tank so it has some of the substrate from it (that...
  13. G

    My nitrates dropped...

    I set up my 30g tank 3 weeks ago. I was advised to use a hardy fish as an ammonia source so I got a young bn pleco 12 days later. Although I learned afterwards that it's a bit controversial he seems to be well with good energy and appetite. Using a Sera liquid test kit 5 days ago the results...
  14. Jan Cavalieri

    Some technical advice about Ammonia and Nitrites

    Three of my 4 tanks were all cycled beautifully and according to directions on this website using Ammonia. It usually took 5-7 cycles of ammonia before I could get 2 days in a row of 0's in all the right places. Where I deviated was to adjust the PH down with PHdown before fish were added. Our...
  15. N

    First time Betta Owner, nitrogen cycling??

    I have never had a fish before and just purchased a betta from Petco two days ago. The person helping us at Petco assured us bettas are low maintanence and all we need is distilled water and a tank of any size. We used distilled water and a 2.2 gallon tank. Upon further research apparently it's...
  16. Jan Cavalieri

    It's all about chemistry - again.

    For the life of me I cannot get my newest tank to cycle. (my first one did it perfectly). It's a 29 gallon glass that has 2 zebra danio's in it (backstory - one mean danio is responsible for the death of a number of his peers and all the danio's were upsetting my 1st tank because they can be...
  17. M

    Can adding infusoria benefit water chemistry?

    Hello, a question re. infusoria I've been culturing from hay and tankwater. I have a thriving colony of paramecium and other small life to feed my guppy and minnow fry. My question is -does the addition of these tiny critters, and the bacteria they're feeding off, affect or benefit the chemistry...
  18. N

    Help!!! Ammonia stuck at 2-4ppm

    Hi there, Im really puzzled with my first attempt at fishless cycling using ammonia. My two 5 gallons I successfully did a fish-in and had them cycled in about 3 weeks. Starting my new 10 gallon isn't going so well. Here's some helpful info on tank setup: First 2 days I had the tank filter...
  19. Sege

    Nitrogen Cycle Startup

    Hi! I'm still new to the aquarium hobby and trying to figure out this crazy scientific nitrogen cycle. I have seen many diagrams made by people trying to explain this thing to a newbie, but really it's not helping. Specifically the part about how to start the darn thing. And suggestions on how...
  20. J

    Will The Bacteria Die?

    My 10 gallon tank is now pretty much empty due to the fact that my betta died not too long ago. All I have left is some java fern, and driftwood.There are of course no other fish in my tank.I was wondering if my beneficial bacteria will starve to death since there is no source of ammonia for it...