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  1. R


    Hello Everyone I'm Rinrin, a newbie fish lover. Currently Own 1 betta, 5 guppies (4 months old) and shocking high number of 160+ guppy fry. I wasn't really planning to keep fishes but I adopted 8 guppies (3 months ago) caused I didn't want to see them being thrown away, and fall in love with...
  2. A

    Hi I'm new to the forum but have lurked here for over a year

    Hi Tropical Fish Forum People! I have been back in the Tropical Fish World for about 3 years. I have three 10 gallon tanks, one 5 gallon, and one 2 gallon that houses a Blind EE Betta who is 3 1/2 years old.They are all cycled, heated, filtered and heavily planted with live plants. One 10...
  3. Hyr

    Hi, I'm new here.

    Hi, my names Jazz, and I go by 'Hyr' online. I recently have gotten into fish/animal keeping and I hope to make myself part of this forum. I have a 1.5gallon with my betta, "Tut," (don't worry it's semi-temporary, planning to upgrade to a 5.5 or 10 later), I have a 40 gallon breeder with my ball...
  4. A

    Looking For Help

      I'm hoping that someone can help me figure out what this lump is on my guppy. I've been looking, thinking maybe its a tumor, but I just want to hear some others opinions too. Please, if you know what this is let me know. Thank you!    
  5. A

    New Member

    Hi, this looks like a great site to learn more about my 20g tall freshwater aquarium.
  6. Demeter32

    Notice Me ;)

    Hello everyone! I recently signed up because i get a ton of useful info here and I would love to be a part of it. Can't say I'm an "expert" fish keeper but I've made my fare share of mistakes and learned from them like everyone else.  I'm currently 19 years old and have 3 tanks that are mine and...
  7. R


    Greetings: No, i'm not a noob, have kept fish both fresh and salt for about 30 years. Foolishly sold all my aquaria and equipment when moving from house to apartment. After a few years I really miss my fishes. Coming back (that's why the "revenant" topic. Cool word now with the movie,but it just...
  8. B

    Hey Im New Here. Can Someone Please Help Me Out With This Fish.

    I want to find out what type of catfish this is because I dont think it is a Pictus catfish. Any help please?
  9. B


    Hi! I am Ben, new member to the forum. I have recently joined the forum to get participated in forum discussions.
  10. T

    Hello, Fishy World

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forums, so if you have any suggestions just comment  
  11. WhiskeyHands

    Waddup I'm New!

    Hey what's up guys! I'm new! Before I was only into Bettas so I was member of a betta fish forum but now i'm trying to go into different paths. I'll be posting under the Gourami section soon. Have a good day! 
  12. mrstwalker

    Tanks And Paradise?!

    My interests are Tetra tanks, breeding tanks ect. I love community tanks! My new loves are the Bala Shark!    I am a huge fan of Betta Splendens!    My husband and I travel to Key West often to snorkel (why I named this post Tanks and Paradise)   Visit my page to learn about my fish and tanks!
  13. D

    New Member, North Wales

    Hi there, my name is Dave and I live in Conway, North Wales : just joined to enjoy the site and hopefully increase my knowledge of tropical fish. I have 2 tanks, my large one has home bred endlers and clown loaches. My small 3ft tank is solely for the gravid females. They still seem to be...
  14. sharkydog

    Hey There!

    hey there! I am obviously new here. I joined because I have always been interested in fish and have finally begun to take having an aquarium seriously! I grew up with us always having a male betta fish in a 2 gallon hectagon tank with an air stone. Obviously that's not ideal, but our fish did...
  15. MrJerry

    New Member And New Fish Enthusiast :)

    Hia Guys and gals, just posting to say hi to the TFF community :)   hopefully have some pictures of the first tank and setup we have just started and hopefully pick some knowledge from all the learned lessons from the forum    lets see how it all goes  :)
  16. SamB

    Hey From Auburn, Al

    Hey y'all,   I'm Sam, and only recently got back into fish keeping (did it a lot as a kid, now in College with a steady job that can help support the habbit).   My girlfriend got me a betta fish for my birthday earlier this year and after that everything has tumbled quickly into me getting a...
  17. keka153

    Hello From North Carolina

    I am new at doing salt water fish. I just got my pajama cardinal and noticed his eye was swollen with a white looking film over it. Can someone please tell me what it is so that I can help him? I have attached a picture so that you could see it.
  18. C

    New Member , Hello

    Just a quick thread to say hello Not sure if is the correct section to do an intro, so could this be moved if I'm wrong thanks. Male 31 from Glasgow area, married with first child due in a month and I'm a full time student at the moment, have had a tropical tank running for well over a year...