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  1. Angeltold

    Two Assassin Snails and a Nerite (20G)

    Hi there 👋 I finally made a fish forum for all of my fishy questions. I bought a couple panda corys today, a couple AFDs, and i saw the Assassin Snails, and at first I thought they were so cool i HAD to buy them. SO i did (they tried to breed and i saw their mouth and im a little heeby geebied)...
  2. L

    Nerite snail (?)

    Hi. My kids and I purchased some Nerite snails from Petco to add to our aquarium and was assured that these were in fact Nerites. One I am questionable on though. I know that two of the snails are Nerites but am not so sure about this third, that is very large. I am concerned because I don’t...
  3. Z

    What are these little spore-like… things?

    They are everywhere and I’m hoping they aren’t a threat or anything to the tank. Just a 15 gallon with a betta and 3 nerite snails. Read that they may be Hydra but I am not 100% sure as they’re green and not white. I would just like them gone.
  4. Aqua67

    Strange Olive Nerite

    I have a 38 gallon tank kept at 75 degrees with a good amount of algae so I picked up a nerite snail to live in that tank and help clean out some of that algae. When I put the snail in that tank he won’t budge. Sits there for 3 days, doesn’t move at all. I take that same snail out and stick...
  5. outofwater

    10g tank for dwarf gourami

    This was supposed to be a quarantine/planting tank, but plans went sideways when I realized that this dwarf gourami, Mr. Bluerami; was bullying my cories and pretty much all others on my 29g tank. My son grew attached to him, so returning him (it was a gift) or otherwise getting rid of him...
  6. C

    Possible shell problem?

    Hi All you lovely people, I have never had a snail before and although we have had our nerite snail for nearly 2 years there is an area on his shell I'm worried about. Does this look like his shell is damaged or a portion missing?? Not sure how to help, can I give him something to strengthen...
  7. foxgirl158

    Is there anything better than new fish day?

    Merry early Christmas to me! My mom took me to my LFS today, let me pick out two fish and two snails, and she paid for them as an early Christmas present :wub: she’s awesome! All my platies have a Disney/Pixar name theme, along with the two new snails, so without further ado I present: Tula...
  8. K

    Nerite snail white rim?!

    I've had two nerite snails for over a year now, they're great at their job. No problems. I'm concerned that one has recently developed this white rim between it's shell and body. Do I need to be concerned?! I've attached a couple of photos. Nothing has changed in the tank. Levels appear fine...
  9. G

    What baby snails are these?

    I have a 9g planted tank where I have amazonian soil. I had a betta fish that was about 4 years old and died some months ago, around June. In January I brought two nerite snails (one tiger and one zebra) and they were living with the betta fish in the cycled tank in perfect harmony. there was a...
  10. Ch0le

    Cuttlebone for nerite and ph

    Hello everyone. I have a 20 gal tall with 6 Bleeding Heart Tetras, 6 Emerald Corys, and 2 Nerite snails. I have soft water and my ph generally stays at about 7.0. I have lots of plants as well. I am wondering if it would be safe to add a cuttlebone for the snails or if I even have to? My gh is...
  11. thrujenseyes

    is this normal for a nerite snail shell?

    I've had him for about 7/8 months. He's always active and pooping. He's grown a lot since I got him. Is the weird (not in matching with his other stripes) part of his shell new growth? Or is something wrong with him? When I first got him I was having issues with my water being too soft...
  12. H

    nerite snail dying?

    I've had a nerite for three or four months now, and a few days ago I found it upside down on the bottom of the tank. I gave it a sniff, it was alive. Anyways, I placed it on top of a decoration a few days ago, and it hasn't moved since then. I pulled it out of the tank today. It smells more...
  13. cowgirluntamed

    Abnormal Nerite Snail Behavior

    Ok...for those that have been following some of my latest posts...i now have another dilemma. For those that haven't followed, I will briefly recap. 5.5 gallon betta tank at the time with one betta and 3 nerite snails. Planted. I dealt with cyanobacteria. I used the ultra life blue green slime...
  14. GuppyGirl20

    Why Won't Tiger Snail Eat This?

    I've been trying to grow algae for my nerite tiger snail to eat. I finally got green algae so I put some in my tank earlier this afternoon. It doesn't look like he has touched it! :( I think it might be classified as hair algae since it floats a little and is attached to the rock. Do snails not...
  15. 214jay

    Bamboo Shrimp Has A New Ride!

    Popped down to watch the tank and notice one of my Bamboo Shrimps had hijacked a Nerite!! He managed to get a lift right across the tank...closer to the filter!!   I thought I would share some pictures as it made me smile after a long day's work!!       Looking happy after his free lift across...
  16. F

    Nerite, Mts, And Assassin Snail Questions

    So I'm renovating my 10G tank because I want to put sand in it and also want/have plants in it so I also want the sand to be airated and "fluffy" for them. So my questions are as follows: 1. I want to introduce MTS into my sand to keep the sand turned over and promote good root growth. I hear...