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  1. S

    How to clean java moss before adding it to my tank

    Hi all, I bought the java moss about 2 months ago and it's been sitting in water in a plastic tray on my window sill growing waiting for me to get around to doing something with it, hence this post. I have read that rinsing it, soaking in a 5% chlorine solution for 20 minutes, and then rinsing...
  2. Koenator

    What kind of moss is this?

    I recently acquired some moss from a local creek I visited. I put it in a small jar to wait for all the parasites to die out (probably for too long, the discoloration hopefully doesn’t mean it will die soon), and everything i saw in the jar has died so I took the moss out and washed it...
  3. reptilenotfish

    methods of cleaning hair algae off moss?

    I've got a 6g/22L planted tank, and have run into a problem. I have peacock moss growing on driftwood, and hair algae has started to colonize the moss. Tweezers and brushes only go so far, and if there is a method you would recommend, any help would be great. My tank already has high stocking...
  4. N

    General stock questions, moss is out of control and a little bit of algae

    Hi Fish Friend’s, This is my 20 gallon tank currently stocked with 17 rasboras ( espei and hengeli) and probably about 15 shrimp ( blue dream and red cardinal). Heavily planted, parameters are stable. It’s my first tank. Do you think it is fully stocked or can I ad say another 5 rasboras? Also...
  5. S

    Dollar Tree Moss

    I wanted to know if it’s possible or safe to use the moss you find in dollar tree inside of a tank? I believe it’s floral moss.
  6. H

    Marimo moss ball mystery.

    So I woke up to these on my moss balls/ in the gravel. I might have seen one come out of my rainbow shark. I have 2 rainbow sharks, 1 pea puffer, one Tiger barb(rescue fish).
  7. Meg0000

    Best moss

    Hi I would like to know what is the best moss to use on wood and wich grow faster without co2. I only have two options : spiky moss or java moss. Are they so expensive where you live? I was shock when I saw that my LFS sold moss for 12$ just for a very small portion but maybe it is even more...
  8. P

    Bettas with shrimp

    I currently have a Betta in a nano 3.5gal, quick scape, well planted(but not over planted) with lots of moss and foreground plants, special shrimp substrate, (came with the tank) filter, co2, and grow light. I do ~20% water changes every week as well, and I was wondering if I could safely put...
  9. A

    A4 Mesh Sheets, For Attaching Moss To (Bromley/london Se9)

    Equipment: A4 stainless steel mesh sheets. For attaching moss to. Can be molded into different shapes if required. Or cut into smaller squares.  Cost £5 for each sheet new.  Purchased from confirmed as safe for use in water long term. Age and condition: 5 years...
  10. S

    Aquatic Moss For Sale - Loads

    Quantity for sale: Multiple Portions Reason for Sale: Done a tank clear out Delivery or Collection: Delivery preferred Sales price: 1 lot £5 - a good tennis ball size  Willing to Ship (Yes or No): Yes, preferred Postage & Packaging Price: £1.00 Location: Reading, Berkshire   I am unsure what...
  11. starlitsunrise

    Marimo Carpet, Do You See Any Problems?

    Hey everyone,  I have a 5 gallon tank (Tetra Complete LED Aquarium 5) that I am currently cycling with Dr. Tim's One and Only. I have a small LED light that came with the aquarium kit (I'm not sure about the strength of the light), a 50 watt heater, that heats the tank to about 80F, an air stone...
  12. AquaPit

    Signs Of A Dying Moss Ball..?

    Hi How do I know whether a Moss/Marimo ball is dying? I have 3 Moss Balls which are not as green as before and they have turned greenish-brown of some sorts... Are they dying or something can be done to save them?! Appreciate the help! Tks in advance!
  13. ADW1988

    Securing Moss/plants On Wood

    Hi all,   I bought a lovely coconut shell with java moss on a while ago.. It grew so well and very quickly I had to trim it.. Idiot me put it in my waste water from a water change to get out the loose strands I've just cut. I then forgot about it in there and vigorously threw away the water and...
  14. NomNomTiger

    White Growth On Java Moss?

    White growth on my java moss. I have a 30 gal, light during the day, off at night. Tried an old "Flourish" product we have had for years, could be why but I'm still worried for my fish as they are african cichlids, the mother has gotten very agressive, and they are rubbing their sides on the...
  15. Valiant

    Java Moss

    I wanted some live plants in my tank so i've decided to put java moss in my tank and I need to know how to attach it to my sand substrate. Also do you guys recommend any other types of aquatic plants, I have bogwood in my tank so I could attach java fern to it.
  16. asilisa2000

    Plant Id Please

    does anyone know what that hairy mass is? Is it growth from a morimo moss ball?      
  17. LicianDragon

    Not Sure Where To Go From Here

    Sorry for the giant image and bad quality, all I have is the camera on my phone. So this is a 20 gallon planted community tank. I would love for this to look nicer or something but I don't know where to go from here. I'd like to leave the taller plants to the side to allow light to reach the...
  18. Danielhorvath

    Setting Up A Tetra Tank:)

    Hey Guys   So I'm thinking of setting up a tetra tank, I want it to be a bigger tank that can hold neon tetra, cardinal tetra and penguin tetra. In at least groups of 5 each because they are schooling fish. Will those fish school together though? as they are all relatively the same size? I'm...