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  1. T

    Gambusia + dalmatian molly = gammolly? dalbusia? dalmatian mosquito?

    Hi, I had a very interesting thing happen recently. I have an outdoor 275-gallon IBC tote that I keep heated and use it as an aquarium--that is, when it's not being used to quarantine new pond fish. I haven't bought new koi in a while. I have a handful of different freshwater fish breeds in...
  2. C

    What is this fish?

    I recently bought this fish from Petsmart. The employee said it was a platy and ended up picking a random sku because she didn't know which breed it was. I was thinking it was a very large female guppy but she's a lit bigger than guppies I've raised. (2in. in length) The black spot seems to be...
  3. Guyb93

    Animal hybrids

    I have some what of an obsession with hybrid animals weather a natural hybrid or a man made one they fascinate me . Leading to the thought of human hybrids ... nearly all Europeans so by proxy Americans aswel have 1-2% Neanderthal dna .. personally that is proof that human hybrids can exist...
  4. Guyb93

    Frankenstein’s fish

    For many years now I have focused on keeping South American cichlids as they are a major part of the passion I have for the hobby in particular the acara family. Having great success in breeding electric blue acara and them cross breeding green terror with electric blue acara . After months of...
  5. xipo817

    About genetics of platy and swordtail

    I am planning to make albino platy by crossing platy and albino swordtail. I know the oncogene xmrk located in X and Y chromosome in platy might cause tumor in hybrid if I am not careful enough. I heard those tumor is melanoma and its progenitor is only macromelanophore. So my question is...
  6. Guyb93

    Bad breeding

    As the title says bad breeding and I’m a culprit, I currently have 50+ fry new swimmers so maybe a week old in there own little 20l and doing well on crush pellets . The bad part is they are hybrid . They are green terror X electric blue acara, I’m keeping them as I need to see what they look...
  7. Tegz

    Surprise globra danio hybrids

    Hi there just thought I'd share these little beauties with all you fishy folk. I had the pair of adults in quarentine and when I moved them to my community tank I noticed some fry in the other tank. Their colour and patterns are still developing but they look better everyday.
  8. Alexandriel

    Help Identifying (Wild/Hybrid) Betta?

    Hello! I recently bought a new betta, and he was sold to me as an "Alien" betta. I am new to the whole wild/hybrid bettas, so I really don't know exactly what I bought... I tried to do some research online but I got some conflicting results, so I decided to ask you guys instead! :) Is this guy...
  9. E

    Is this Boesmani female a hybrid?

    Is this female Boesmani a hybrid? The video doesn't do it justice, but she goes like completely dark blue when laying eggs.
  10. fishlover22346

    Possible Guppy hybrids?

    Hello all! I would like to figure some things out involving these weird Guppy hybrids I caught in a pond. My first question is there any chance, even the slightest chance of a platy or mosquitofish hybridizing with a guppy? if so, do you have any pictures? The pond I got these hybrids from only...
  11. G

    Hybridizing corycats

    So I'm a huge fan of messing with genetics and was wondering if it's possible to breed emerald green corys with panda corys and produce a green, black, and white Cory? Need to know if it's been done, if it's possible, and if so how to do it.
  12. Demeter32

    Tell Me About Your Hybrid Africans :)

    Hello everyone, I have been doing a bit of looking around on this site for some African cichlid hybrid experiences. From what I can see, there isn't a whole lot of posts about them. I would like to make a collection of known crosses that create interesting fish   SHOUT OUT TO ALL AFRICAN...
  13. Demeter32

    Former Newbie's African Cichlid Experience

    Brief history of how I got into keeping African: 17 year old me was observing the fish in the dreaded Walmart when I looked into the "Assorted Cichlids" tank and saw a lovely 2 inch white and black fish and a slightly smaller dark blue one. I knew what Africans were and all I had in my 20gal at...
  14. B


    Hey! So another new tank idea I had was hybrid fish!!! I have bred guppies for about 3 years now, I have tried breeding balloon mollies but can't get fry because the male is so fat he can't breed right.  But I do have a pretty good knowledge of livebearers.  Lots is just from watching my fish...
  15. K

    Tips On Hybridizing Mollies And Guppies?

    I have a 45 gallon tank, and I was thinking about trying to cross mollies and guppies. I have heard it is possible, and I would  like to try it myself. Does anyone have any advice on, like, how to encourage them to spawn? Anything related would help. Thanks!