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  1. R

    Stocking Gourami for 30 Gallon tank

    Hey guys, I’m getting my largest tank yet soon, and I’m hoping I can snag a 75 gallon, but I’m having trouble finding one for a reasonable price. I’m thinking I’ll have to settle for a 30 gallon. I’ve completely fallen in love with my dwarf Gourami I received after a friend of mine couldn’t keep...
  2. E


    I have had my cuckoo catfish for about 6 months now, never had any problems and he’s thrived! I went away for the weekend and I’ve come back and he is very very sick, his face appears swollen, his mouth hard and held open and doesn’t appear to be moving much, he is special to me so I just don’t...
  3. D

    Does my fish have dropsys?

    My female platy just had babies last week. She had a really big belly and 2 of my guppies were chasing her like crazy. We figured that they just wanted her eggs. Fast forward a week after the babies and now they’re still chasing her... and becoming more and more aggressive. I tried adding...
  4. S

    Rainbow shark acting weird.. help?

    I’ve had a rainbow shark for 3 days now.. he still hasn’t turned fully black and he barely swims around. He’s in one position floating for hours and I’m concerned something is wrong. I’ve seen him eating algae but ever so often. My tank is 25l (I am aware this is small, I will upgrade to a...
  5. F

    20 gallon tall stocking questions

    tank is not cycled yet, water hardness 17.1 - 18.8. tank is 24 long 12 wide 16 high. i want to put in: 8 neon tetras 2 honey gourami 5 kuhli loaches
  6. B

    Mass fish deaths

    Freshwater fish constantly dying! Hi all. New to posting on this forum but have been following threads for quite some time. I've been keeing fish for some 20 years. Parameters. Tank 75gal. Cycled for 2 months fishless cycle. Substrate: caribsea moon sand Filter: sunsun 304b (450gal/hr) Two...
  7. R

    What size tank should I keep an African dwarf frog?

    Hey guys I have a 3.5 gallon tank right now and I saw some African dwarf frogs at the store the other day and I thought they looked so cool! I haven't bought one, but I would like to. I've kept freshwater invertebrates before, so I have a little experience, just not with african dwarf frogs...
  8. A

    Hello! I'm new to raising my betta babies and I need some help because I think one of them is sick

    Hello please help me if you can! I got this betta a few weeks back alone with another Betta that sadly passed. My betta has been weak since the other betta passed (they share a tank) and I'm afraid that he may have gotten sick because of my other betta that passed. Yesterday he was gasping...
  9. P

    Disease identification help

    Hey there! I have this tank with guppies and a few Cardinal Tetras (shown above). Just recently, some of the guppies (mostly female) were dying (showing signs of fin decay), and I have no idea how to fix that (I researched online with no good results). In this post, I would like to focus on one...
  10. S

    What Aquarium should I get? :)

    Hi - I'm an intermediate fish keeper who's looking for a new aquarium for my kitchen. I really like the look of the Biorb Life 30 litre tank. However, I've heard mixed reviews for Biorb all together. Would any of you have any suggestions for a modern looking 30-40 litre tank that is...
  11. B

    Molly pregnant or sick?

    Hi there About a week and a half ago (maybe 2 weeks) I purchased a Molly from the pet store. This is my first Molly and it is kept with my guppies and neon tetras. I have noticed that her stomach has gotten very bloated looking. After doing some research I found out that it could be that she's...
  12. P


    My male guppy has developed weird bumps on both sides of his tail and I am not sure what it could be. He seems much more slow and worn down as well. He is definitely not himself. Thanks in advance!
  13. S

    Hi, My Name Is Skye! (I could use a little help)

    Hi everyone, My name is Skye Phan. I have a 50 gallon tank with 3 medium size bala sharks, a 5" common pleco, a 2" albino bristlenose pleco, 5 longfin zera danios, 4 neon tetras (I had nine, but they have neon tetra disease. I am hoping to replace these with more danios), 6 albino cory catfish...
  14. B

    Help! What's This Thing On My Betta?

    I've had my Halfmoon Betta, Angel, for about 2 months. I noticed this weird growth(?) on him this morning and I've been super worried about it. Can anybody help me identify it? I keep his water between 78 - 85 degrees. I change it and condition it every week. He's fed twice a day (Aqueon Betta...
  15. D

    Cherry Shrimp, Male or Female?

    Can someone help me identify this cherry shrimp to see whether it is a female or male. It is the one that has the white thing on the top of it.
  16. P


    hi all! :) i'm new to fishkeeping and i need some help on identifying what sickness my cory has. about 2 weeks ago i got 2 albino corys and 6 neon tetras. the corys seemed to be healthy. a few days later, i noticed that one of my corys had a split tail and short dorsal fin (as if they were...
  17. Thatg1r1

    Is my Goldfish sick?

    Hi everyone, My goldfish whose name is Ginger is acting odd! Sorry if you're having dinner but for the last few days Ginger has been releasing some rather strange poopies, mostly long and white until today and now its very clear and bubbly. I have attached a photo. His appetite is as big as...
  18. E

    New to tropical!! Advice???

    hey!! I am new to this forum! So I am soon to be buying a 100L tank and will be going freshwater tropical. I have never had tropical before, but I hope to make it look as cool as possible, only problem is that I'm not sure what fish are best suited for each other etc. :fish: I've recently...
  19. A

    Scale loss on my betta? Pls help

    Hi all, My betta had this white patch on his head, it's not raised or 'fuzzy' as you can see in the pictures. I'm not even sure if it's something to worry about but another member told me it might be scale loss. What helps alleviate this?? And what do you make of these pictures. Thankyou for...
  20. A

    Fungus on Betta?

    Hi guys ^_^ this is my first post. I was wondering if I could get some help identifying if this is fungus or just natural white patch on my betta's head. I really don't know what to think of it. He is acting normal; eating fine and building a bubble nest etc.