green terror

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  1. J

    Andinoacara species inquiry (acaras and terrors)

    Hello I need to clear up a big question I've had for a while regarding the Andinocara genus of fish species. I need to know more information about blue acaras, electric blue acaras and green terrors which all look very similar sometimes with their blue and green glittery shimmer and seen and...
  2. S

    Green Terror Cichlid Mouth Issue

    I’ve noticed that my green terror cichlid has had his mouth open for awhile and hasn’t been able to close it. Occasionally it has been breathing slightly heavy but not all the time. It also sits on its nest outside of the pot all day and won’t move unless it’s provoked or if it’s feeding time...
  3. L

    Cloudy eye and white face on green terror?

    Hi! My green terror hasn’t been very active today and has been sitting at the bottom of the tank. Upon closer look one of his eyes appears cloudy and half his face has turned white. Any clues what this could be? Could this be illness or maybe from fighting? He has a small red mark in his eye...
  4. S

    Large cichlid tank possible parasite?

    Silly question. I have a large cichlid tank with oscars, a blood parrot, and a green terror. I saw this floating across the tank and I was wondering if this was a worm or a parasite? I thought I saw it wiggle but it could have been from the filter current. I have a video of it but not sure how...
  5. Guyb93

    Green terror opinions

    Iv said it before and il say it again I want a green terror so I’m buying one , Plan is to move my Colombian tetra and corys off and in time my keyholes then possibly my electric blue acara depending on the outcome Leaving a 500l stocked with two green Severum a green terror 5 silver dollars...
  6. W

    Green terror and dojo loach

    I saw a thread about this already but the tank I’m going to put the green terror with is a lot bigger then the gentleman that had the same question (to my knowledge I thought I saw he had a 29gal? I could be wrong) I’m putting the gt in a 90 gallon 4.5’ long 18” deep and 24” tall. I’ve recently...
  7. C

    White Spot on Green Terror! URGENT!

    green terror(VIDEO HERE). I need help saving my green terror. He hasn't been eating for the last 2 days and is always hiding. There are these white spots on his head and I've tried using the blue drops but it doesn't seems to be working. Please help me get rid of this and save my green terror...
  8. B

    Help me sex these fish

    I have a JD and a green terror coukd you help me sex them i think the jd is a male but im not sure
  9. S

    Male or female

    I have 2 green terror’s and trying to find out if they are male or female. One seems to nip the other and keep everyone out of its corner
  10. Guyb93

    Is it a bad idea ?

    I’m currently keeping a pair of angels for a friends while he works away in my tank rather than mix houses to go feed them for him it’s only for a week and there no trouble but has made me think have I got room for another fish once they are back in his tank , currently my stocking is 3...
  11. Guyb93

    Fish swap walsall

    After advice from the members on here I have a green terror approx 4inch looking to swap for a blue acara or tiger Oscar no matter the size
  12. Guyb93

    Green terror being bullied

    I have a large tank full of South American cichlids the largest is a standard blue acara around 6-7 inch and it hates my green terror which is about 4 inch , will my terror defend itself as it gets larger or will it always be dominated by the acara and have to be separated
  13. J

    Green Terror or Blue Acara?

    Hi there, I recently bought what I was told was a Juvanile Blue Acara, however I am starting to have my doubts and was wondering if anyone could help and tell me if this was a Blue Acara or a Green terror. it is extremely dominant and boisterous and chases the other Fish
  14. M

    Whirling Green Terror

    Tank Size: 65-gallon pH: 7.6 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 0 tank temp: 79 F I 've had a female green terror in a 65-gallon tank for about a year and a half. It is about 4-5 inches and was very healthy until a few months ago. She laid eggs several times a year and of course with no male they...
  15. J

    75 gallon stocking question

    I have a 75 gallon that currently has a 4 inch gold severum 1.5-2 inch green terror and 6 Columbian tetra. I'm wanting to add a jack dempsey, will it be too much aggression for a 4 ft tank. I'm running a ehiem 2075 and sunsun 304b so filtration should be fine. Any advice would be greatly...
  16. Tonym

    My Female Green Terror

    Thought I'd share a photo of my female GT Maud.  
  17. 3

    Green Terror, Male Or Female?

    I have a 1 year old green terror and im not sure if it is a male or a female. Any idea which it is?
  18. C

    Green Terror With Stunted Growth Or Muscular Atrophy?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post.  I came across this poor little green terror at the lfs just yesterday. I took pity on him and decided to bring him home in hopes of giving him the best life possible. The store said that he is suffering from muscular atrophy because he was housed in a 10...
  19. O

    Moving Parents And Fry

    Hi Can anyone help me. I have a pair of first time parent green terrors. The fry are just starting to be free swimming. I want to move them to another tank but I'm not sure what is the best thing to do. Move parents first? Or the fry? Is it safe to do? Any tips appreciated as I am a...
  20. O

    Breeding Green Terrors

    Hi   I have 3 green terrors   1 Male just over 4" 2 Female one 3" one slightly larger   They are in a small (too small) tank on their own and i was planning to move them on this week.   However, i just noticed the larger female is planning to lay eggs. I have no idea what to do from here. Will...