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  1. A

    How do i help my cichlid?

    My electric yellows fins have gone all ratty over the past few months. Im sure its not as easy to swim with average fins.. how do i fix this? I have 1 other cichlid in with it. I used ro have an angel in with it and it got ich, i started to treat and the angel died in 2 days :/ i dont want...
  2. outofwater

    Spot on tetra, fin damage on cory, what's going on

    Hi everyone, This morning all looked OK. I've had one cory on 3 day quarantine so far for some fin issues on dorsal and caudal fins. Treating with melafix and damage seems to have stopped spreading so I was thinking of putting him back in the main tank in another day or two. Just returned from...
  3. A

    Tiger Barb fins nearly gone?!

    Hi there! I went away on vacation for 2 days, my fish were fed by a trust worthy family friend. I come back to one of my tiger barbs fins nearly gone, the poor thing is swimming funny and struggling, but still swimming and trying to eat as well. I have 7 tiger barbs in total, some tetra too...
  4. T

    Betta fish fin’s look a bit tattered

    Hi! I just got a Betta fish about a month ago and have a 2-gallon tank with a filter and heater. I don’t know if I’m imagining it, but I feel like my Betta’s fins are a bit tattered. I thought it might be the plastic plants nipping them, so I just took them out and maybe that will help. Based on...
  5. Charlie’s Keeper

    Do Charlie’s fins look normal?

    Hi there! I’m new to fish keeping, but I recently saw Charlie at Walmart and I couldn’t leave him there. He is now my baby and lives in a 5 gallon, heated, and filtered tank. I let the tank sit for a couple days to try and cycle and have been adding Stability from Seachem to help it, but I added...
  6. Cameronb_01

    Concerned about Discus Health

    Hi, About three months ago one of my discus accumulated so many little black spots that he effectively half turned black. Apart from the visual deformation there were no changes to his appetite or behaviour around the tank, consequently I put the change down to a very severe and sudden case of...
  7. RezKat

    Betta is at bottom of tank

    Hi was wondering if anyone can help. I have a 20 litre tank, temp at 24C with filter and pump. My tank has a Albino catfish, Platy and a Betta. The betta recently has been on the ground and not moving alot, iv noticed over the past few weeks his tail looked shredded now it is short, his fins...
  8. M

    Betta's Fins Drastically Decreased in Size?

    Hello! I'm new to this forum. I have a half moon betta fish that I've had about four months now. His fins were huge when I first got him, so much so that he seemed to have difficulty swimming. He was very beautiful; this was one of the reasons I picked him out! His first month or so went great...
  9. A

    Neon Tetra Rough Looki Fins

    I was gone most of the day yesterday and my fish were fine when I got back this morning from what I could tell. About half an hour ago I was watching them and one of them looks like it's fins are torn up and there is a silvery string hanging behind one of it's fins. All of it's fins seem to be...
  10. B

    Help Finding The Culprit.

    I have a female betta sorority tank with 4 females. I went away for the weekend but they were being fed while I was gone. My alpha female now has badly shredded fins, is struggling to swim, labored breathing and mostly on the bottom of the tank. I did take her out and placed her in a smaller...
  11. LillyRobotnick

    Meet Chakra

        I normally don't care for Bettas but this one caught my eye for some reason and I needed it in my life.      
  12. TotallyTropical

    Betta's Fins Disappearing?

    I recently moved my lovely little betta to my 10 gallon, since no one was going to be in it anymore. He seemed quite happy with the larger switch and was relatively fine for a while. Recently though, I've noticed that his tail was ripped to shreds, all the way down to his body. I checked to see...
  13. O

    Goldfish Sick (Began Around Mouth)

    Request Help Tank size: 40 gallons pH: Always a little low, from 6.8-7 ammonia:0 nitrite:0 nitrate:60 - Always this number or higher, I think it's just my tap water kH:40 (usually always, even with water changes) gH:120 (always too high...) tank temp:72~ Fish Symptoms (include full description...
  14. mrstwalker

    Torn Koi Fins & Scales ... Please Help!

    Recently my husband decided he wanted to start a North American Native tank & we have received 5 young (probably 1 week - 4 week old) Green Sunfish. In attempt to have 1 less tank in the house (yeah..right.  ) We decided to add our shubunkin koi to the tank (5)  because we had heard of people...
  15. alexshaw

    Need Help With Pleco Fins Splitting. =(

    Hey so i got this gold spot pleco and have had him for about a month and a half i have brackish water which my fish love. I have mollies guppies sword tails and 2 silver sharks. couple weeks ago i noticed some white spot starting to form so i quickly treated it with wonder tonic. It did the...
  16. argoma

    Clear Fins

    Hello everyone!   So i got a betta about one week ago. It's my first betta fish ever. I have kept many goldfish before and my last two ones died because of fungus so i decided to get a betta because they are so beautiful. I went to my local fish store to get one and they had many females but i...
  17. LicianDragon

    Deteriorating Hi-Fin Molly!

    I have a 5 month old female hi-fin molly that has been deteriorating over the past couple weeks. She's gone from being active, always swimming with my tiger platy and female guppies, to staying by herself with her fins clamped at the top of the water. Her swimming is becoming more shaky with...
  18. N

    Gourami Got Stuck In The Siphon

    I was holding the bucket as I had to use a smaller length of tube to siphon the water due to my father placing my regular tube elsewhere. As you can imagine, holding a bucket with one hand when it's quickly filling with water isn't a good idea, so I was shouting for my mother to quickly come and...
  19. CrazyDiamond88

    Betta's Fins Kind Of Curled?

    My CT betta is in a 5 gal tank with a live plant, and since I didn't know anything about fish keeping unfortunately till after I bought him, I am cycling the tank with him in it.   It's been a month since I started cycling his tank.   He has always had some curling on the end of his dorsal fin...
  20. blw0489

    My Fish Looks Like Nemo

    my panda platty is missing his fin or at least 75 % of it. he is swimming and eating and acting completely normal. The only problem is, is that I just got him a week ago so he either came with it or it just happened. side note all my fish came down with ick! I just noticed that today as well but...