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  1. J


    Hi everyone, just looking for some advice really. I currently have a fluval 306 on my 190 litre tank. I’m looking change as it seems to of had its day and the performance is not the same as when I first got it. Just want some opinions on what to go for next. I struggled a lot with the priming...
  2. S

    Internal Filters for a Brackish 10 gallon

    Anyone have any internal filter suggestions for a brackish 10 gallon? It's going to be housing fiddler crabs. I hear aqueon filters are flimsy and can become loud. I was looking at expensive filters, because #materialgworl, maybe there are more affordable and efficient options.
  3. Corydoras_Catwoman

    Can I turn the pump off?

    I’ve got a completely DIY planted tank going for my bedroom. It’s only a 15l tall tank (I re-siliconed an old reptile enclosure and installed gaps for piping) so I’ve made a homemade filter from some parts I had lying around. It’s got a chamber with some ceramic filter media and an external...
  4. C

    Filter media replacement

    Hi there, I just got my lido 200 tropical tank and it comes with a bioflow 3.0 filter, I am wondering how often the sponges (media I believe it's referred too) should be replaced of ever. Many thanks!
  5. Jan Cavalieri

    Over the back or canister filter?

    Due to brown, green and all other colors of algae my AquaClear filters are constantly clogging (roughly every 2-4 hours and it gets noisy) Would investing in an external canister make a difference? Would it work better, make less noise, have to be cleaned less often than daily, help with the...
  6. Christoffer

    Do you have to clean aquarium pipes?

    Hi i have 2 big filters whit pipes, the pipes have never have been cleaned and are very nasty, but i dont mine its nasty, but do i have to clean the pipes ? Do it affect the fish? Do it affect the fish ore is there no reason except for the Look?
  7. Ingrid

    Can you use them for anything ?

    Recently I have noticed out of town retail parks selling a few liters goldfish bowls without filters or anything else for a few pounds . So my question is are they suitable for keeping anything in and if so what ?
  8. M

    General Questions

    I have had fish for about 2 years and they usually all died after 6 months. I always got 5 livebearers at a time for a 20 gal tank. Whenever I clean it out, there is a bunch of poop and particles that rise from within the rocks, however my ammonia levels have remained at 0, as well as basically...
  9. BiggTexx

    Emergency Filter Floss Replacement

    Strange thing just started happening.  I noticed that I had tiny white particles flowing into my tank from one of my canister filters.  After just a few minutes, the entire tank was covered in free floating particles.  I managed to get the filter off and the other filter seems to be doing a good...
  10. G

    Eheim Classic Splashbar Placement?

    Hello,   I just set up a new Ehim Classic Canister 600 (formerly 2217) for my 55 gal. I am not sure how to set up the splashbar.   In Tank: unplanted and I will be putting in platys, guppies, tetras.   I have it sitting about 1.5 inches below the water level on the back of the tank in the...
  11. D

    Eheim 2222 Knocking Sound

    I have an Eheim 2222 and I keep hearing an intermittent knocking sound. The sound does not sound like it originates from the filter but from the tank. I placed my ear on the side of the tank and the knock is extremely loud. Could it be the impeller? How far are the blades suppose to turn on the...
  12. rpgmomma8404

    Had To Switch Out Filters, Will This Hurt The Cycling?

    I put two ten gallon filters on my 15 gallon tank. Then bought a new filter for my 10 gallon tank. All went well until the cloudiness wasn't clearing on the 10 gallon (been like this for almost a week now). So, I went and took one of the 10 gallon filters I had on the 15 gallon (which was on the...
  13. sharkydog

    Types Of Sand, Cleaning Sand, And Filters

    Okay so I just set up my ten gallon tank, which came with an internal power filter (the tank I bought was the petco 'grreat choice'). I read that it may be bad to use an internal filter if I have sand? Also, sand is incredibly expensive at pet stores, and was hoping that I could just buy play...
  14. T

    Recommended Filter For 240 Litre Tank

    Hi fellow fish fanatics!    A few weeks back I bought a second-hand Juwel Rio 240 and right now it has the standard Juwel internal filtration system, which in my opinion is big, ugly and takes up a lot of valuable swimming space, but does an alright job of cleaning the water nevertheless.   I am...
  15. T

    Aqua One Nano 30 Mark Two

    At the invitation of Shrimp Addict I have started my second thread. After a good 1st year of fish and shrimp keeping in an 80cm tank I went for one of these as that's all I have room and also frankly funds for, justifiable and otherwise. I planned design well in advance, but after advice in shop...
  16. S

    Ehiem 2260, Grimsby Nelincs

    Equipment make/model/size: ehiem 2260 Quantity for sale: 2 Reason for Sale: not needed any longer Delivery or Collection:collection proffered but postage at cost to buyer Sales price:£110 Postage & Packaging:.... Location:Grimsby north east Lincolnshire Two ehiem 2260 filters for sale, waste...
  17. B

    External Heater Good Idea?

    Hi there First post so here goes. Just bought a new and my first external filter (fluval 406) for my juwel rio 180 as its the only one that seems to fit in the cupboard, and was wondering if it was a good idea to buy an external heater to go on to it? Thanks a lot Rob :)
  18. P

    Filter Size ?

    I keep reading people asking/commenting about filters and their litre per hour capabilities. how do you calculate/decide what filter is needed for what size tank ?  somebody was on about a 1500 l/p/h filter the other day and it got me wondering is all.   Cheers for any info