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  1. R

    Help Please!

    I got some glowfish danios yesterday and they were doing great last night and this morning, however when i got home from work all 3 have downward curved spines (U shaped) and look slightly bloated (bellies look boxy). They are swimming perfectly fine and super active. None of my other fish are...
  2. 75gallon

    Female danio looks fat

    I have a zebra danio, that looks fat, it swims fine no struggles, eats fine, the reason for the post is, I have other danios in the tank show breeding behaviour with this danio, My worry is this danio doesn't seem to be dropping eggs, there is no sign of dropsy, in my tank, Food Tropical flake...
  3. C

    Amount of water flow (GPH) for Danios?

    Hello all, I have a 10-gallon tank with danios and live plants (which only three one-inch bristlenose cories). What is the Maximum Recommended Minimum amount of water flow? I've looked the question up on the internet and most sites say that it depends on the fish species. I've also heard...
  4. R

    Angelfish in a 29 tall

    Hey all, Currently have a 29g tall tank, that has black skirt tetras, 6 zebra danios, 6 julii cories and 1 mystery snail. moderately planted but plan on adding a bit more. Flow is pretty high in the tank is moderate and ph sits at around 6.8ish. Its been running for over a year. My neighbor...
  5. lighthouse

    Breeding Zebra Danios Glofish + Tetras in clay pots

    Hi there. I’m a newbie in this. I keep my fish in huge clay pots —there to get rid of the mosquito larvae— but now I’ve got into it and want to breed them. Guppies and Swordfish aren’t a problem at all but I cannot manage with Danios and Tetras. I know these two do it through eggs so I keep...
  6. E

    Help Glowlight danio with chunk missing from side. What to do

    Hi there, New here and was wondering if anyone can help me. I have just noticed my male glowlight danio has a chunk missing from its side and seems bad. see photo. I add the glowlight danios to my community Tank about two months ago. I noticed right away that they like chasing each other. The...
  7. B

    STORY TIME - Water Parameters for a Community tank

    Hello! I've posted before, it's been awhile. Currently, I have 5 Zebra Danios, 5 Emerald Cory's, a Mystery Snail, And a Single Silver dollar. Those who've seen my previous posts know I've been here before, I'm now 18 and know alot more. I only have a single silver dollar, because inexperienced...
  8. L

    Aged Giant Danio

    Hello, I'm a new member and I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I have a giant danio that I've had for 12 years! I read online that their lifespan is much less than that. Does anyone else have a like experience? Thanks
  9. A

    Should have gotten a bigger tank...

    Hi everyone! I got my first 20 gallon tank at Christmas to set up in my office and I LOVE it. There were some hardships and losses in January-February while I learned about the nitrogen cycle and some danios paid the price. :( I had to stop naming them. :( But then I bucked up, got the Tetra...
  10. J

    Identifying Flukes in Fish

    Hi, New here and not entirely sure this is an 'emergency' or not but couldn't find a "fish health" section on here. I have a pretty well planted 40 gallon tank and have noticed my fish flicking and twitching parts of themselves onto plants , gravel or anything else in the tank. I noticed it a...
  11. Tool13x

    Paradise Fish compatability with Barbs and Danios?

    I have a 55 gallon planted tank that is currently stocked with Rosy Barbs, Odessa Barbs, Leopard Danios, Oto cats, and Zebra Loaches. Would I be able to put a Paradise fish or Dwarf Gouarami in there with the current stocking without any issues? I can relocate the Otos to another tank if need...
  12. FishyFish888

    Can I add Guppies to my tank of Platies and Danios?

    Hi, so I’ve had my 40L (10 gal) tank if a couple Platies and Danios that get along just fine for a few months now. I started to notice that the tank looked a little... empty. I already have many plants and decorations inside, but it just looks like the ratio of fish to tank space is pretty low...
  13. J

    Feeding enough?

    First time fish keeper. Just set up new tank for first tim with 6 Danios. Shop sold me NTlab probiotic food - saying feed 2 ‘pellets’ per fish every 2 days. But the ‘pellets’ are minuscule grains. Almost impossible to Count out 12 ... and don’t seem nearly enough to feed all 6. Does anyone have...
  14. S

    Hi, My Name Is Skye! (I could use a little help)

    Hi everyone, My name is Skye Phan. I have a 50 gallon tank with 3 medium size bala sharks, a 5" common pleco, a 2" albino bristlenose pleco, 5 longfin zera danios, 4 neon tetras (I had nine, but they have neon tetra disease. I am hoping to replace these with more danios), 6 albino cory catfish...
  15. B

    Kribensises with Sun catfish

    I have a 30 gallon tank with some danios and a sun catfish. I was wondering if it was okay to put some Kribensises in with them.
  16. L

    Newbie fish owner with Neon Danios

    So I've recently adopted three Neon Danios (I think they're also called Glofish) from my sister. They're in a smallish tank, I think five gallons. I've read around that Danios work best in schools of five to six, but also that they should have at least ten gallons. I can't afford a new tank...
  17. I

    Urgent Help With My Longfin Zebra Danios, Please!

    Hi! I am very worried about my longfin zebra danios! I need help! I just got my tank (29 gallons) stocked with fish, water parameters are all zero for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. pH is 7.8. Water temp is 79 degrees F (can't get it cooler, that's what the house is inside). My tank is...
  18. J

    Stocking Tank Help

    Hey guys I am new to this site! I have a 29 gallon tall tank. It has been cycled and it is planted with anacharis! I have 7 Zebra Danios in it and I just recently added 6 Leopard Danios, for a total of 13 fish. I am wondering if this is to many fish for a 29 gallon tall tank? I hope not because...
  19. Demeter32

    Something In My Water?

    Hello everyone, new to fish forums but not to aquariums. I have 7 zebra danios, 2 Cory cats, one brittle nose, male half moon betta and a female paradise gourami in a planted 20gal tank. I first notices that my zebras were having trouble breathing and hanging around the surface. I investigated...
  20. N

    New Tank Help

    My first tropical fish 20 gallon tank and has been running for a week. I am an amateur that has done a lot of research but can't find solutions to the following problems: Just added 4 zebra danios and 2 panda cory's Now for the questions: 1. I have gravel. Researched that it can damage the...