1. C

    White spot??

    Hi I have woken up this morning and found what look like tiny white spot/ patches on 2 of my cories. I think it's early hopefully. But 1 of them is occasionally flicking and rubbing it's side against the substrate so I definitely think it's the start of something! I've checked water...
  2. R

    Angelfish in a 29 tall

    Hey all, Currently have a 29g tall tank, that has black skirt tetras, 6 zebra danios, 6 julii cories and 1 mystery snail. moderately planted but plan on adding a bit more. Flow is pretty high in the tank is moderate and ph sits at around 6.8ish. Its been running for over a year. My neighbor...
  3. C

    Single species or mixed!?

    Hi just wondered what people's thought where on corie groups. I will be upgrading my tank size to up my two bronze to a group of six. And I'm not sure what will be better for the fish and have a more visual impact in the tank - 6 bronze or a mix of 3 bronze and 3 others. Thanks ?
  4. M

    Is Flourite Black okay for pigmy cories?

    Hey. I have a tank with a top layer of fluval stratum and a bottom layer of flourite black clay gravel. I put it all in there a while ago because I was trying out the flourite black and then it turned out I needed more substrate. but now I realize that I want to do a better scape and add lava...
  5. mbsqw1d

    Get another tank

    I've recently added 13 Odessa barbs to an existing 12 peppered cories, and the barbs have since made the tank their own. Which is perfectly fine. I'm very fond of corydoras, and before the barbs, they were thriving and spawning. But I'm now noticing some of the cories have slightly nipped fins...
  6. C

    Is my tank overstocked?

    Hi! I have a ten gallon tank, and I’m just wondering if it’s overstocked. I have a really good filter and all my fish seem happy and healthy, but I do have quite a few. I have 3 cories 4 adult guppies 7 young guppies(around 3-4months) 3 juveniles And 3 fry
  7. Ace_Of_Fades

    Fish Newbie

    Hello Fishforums,  
  8. C

    Brand New To This Page

    Hello everyone i hope i can get some hlpful insight i want to add some new tank mates but first ill give you with what i am working with: 29 gallon (high) cycled freshwater tank with following filtration   top fin 30  micro whisper (5.5g)   and the following fish:   2 emerald cories 1 dalmation...
  9. K

    Stocking Question

    I have a 10 gallon (filter, sand, airstone, decorations) I currently have 4 leopard cories and was wondering if I could add a betta or better yet if I could have 6 leopards and a betta????
  10. K

    Stocking A 29 Gallon In A Month And Need Help

    I am purchasing a 29 gallon aquarium soon and will cycle it according to the page that everyone keeps using on this forum. I am trying to figure out the best way to stock the tank though. Here are some of my ideas. Please let me know what you think or if any of these are a horrible idea!    7...
  11. FlakeyBiscuit3.14

    Corydoras And Ph Help

    Hi all I was wondering about the various species of corydoras in relation to high pH.   Sorry if this is a repeat topic, but if it is available, I couldn't find it easily, and though I've touched on this question in some of my other threads, I was hoping for some more direct and detailed answers...
  12. J

    High Ph - Advice Needed!

    I moved house about 6 weeks ago and I'm very pleased to report that everyone survived the journey and has settled in. However... the PH in my new house is very high (around 8.2). I have a couple of Platies which should be fine, and 5 neon tetra's which I understand could be problematic. I've...
  13. Kabernick30

    How Many Cories Is Enough?

    I know to have a balanced tank, you want to distribute top, middle and bottom swimmers and not overcrowd but cories stick to the bottom of the tank so would it matter whether you only had 2-3 or a big school like 6-7 since they dominate the tank floor and wouldnt cause overcrowding because they...
  14. Ny82

    Someone Has Laid Eggs! Help Please

    Hi folks, well after lowering my tank temperature to 24 over the past 2 days to suit my platies better, I noticed today that there are eggs on the tank wall. Now the only snails I have in the tank are MTS and I believe they are livebearers.   The only egg layers I have are cherry barbs-2 males 4...
  15. J

    Cory Group Sizes And Alternatives

    Hi all,   I'm looking to get a few bottom dwellers for my 64l tank. It seems that cories are the most popular option, but I have a couple of queries.   Firstly, group sizes. I've seen some people say that they should be kept in groups of at least 4 and others say you need at least 10 for them to...